4 Things to Include in Your Next Car Budget


When you’re buying a car, you’re probably preparing yourself for quite a big expense. And, of course, you are also readjusting your budget to fit in your repayments if you needed financing for your car.

However, your car budget should include much more than the price of your car, because you will be responsible for paying for a bunch of other things as well. You need to include these in your budget so that you aren’t taken by surprise if these costs pop up. To learn more about the things you need to include when budgeting for your next car, keep reading.

A warranty

Certain things are bound to go wrong with your car as it ages, no matter how well you take care of it. And having to pay for repairs or replacements on short notice can place a lot of financial strain on you. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a car warranty so that your warranty can cover the repair and replacement of certain car parts.

Be sure to look at different car warranties to see which one would be a good fit for you. Have a look at the AAA extended warranty to see if it’s a good option for your car.


Another thing that you should budget for is insurance. Just as with a warranty, car insurance can help prevent you from having to pay for breakages and damages. Insurance is especially helpful for unexpected occurrences such as car accidents.

Of course, some types of cars are more expensive to insure than others, so you will need to consider this when setting up your budget.

For example, there are many reasons to buy a used car, but the insurance will often be higher because used cars have a bigger chance of breaking.


Gas is also something that you should include in your car budget. Most people spend quite a lot of money on gas, although it will fluctuate from month to month and also depend on various factors.

If you drive around a lot, your gas budget will likely have to be more than that of someone who only drives on occasion. How much you budget for gas will also depend on the car itself since certain cars use more gas than others. To learn more about whether bigger engines use more fuel, click here.


While the abovementioned things are things that you will need to budget for each month, you should also prepare yourself for bigger expenses that may not happen as often.

One example of this is having your car serviced. If you don’t have a service plan, getting your car serviced can be quite expensive, but it’s worth it. Regularly getting your car serviced can help you keep your car in good condition. You need to write it down in your calendar and make sure that you have enough money saved up when it’s time for your car’s service.