The Top Do’s and Don’ts for Fitness Enthusiasts


A recent study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) based on a survey conducted among 3000 fitness professionals had shown that there many mistakes being practiced on the gyms every day. Doing it the wrong way not only gets you away from the fitness goals but also can have negative health implications too. Here, we are trying to know the major do’s and don’ts of health and fitness in light of the study mentioned above.

Do’s of fitness workout

Always warm up

This is always said by the fitness trainers, but people tend to shrug off this prerequisite to workout. They either give it a minimal time being in a hurry or tend to bypass it altogether. The theory is that cold muscles will not be as pliable and flexible to work easily with. So, these may be more prone to tear and sprains if not warmed up properly. You may do gentle movements like walking or short movements to prepare your muscles before rigorous workouts.


People may say that stretching is an old-school art, but it can surely help improve your range of motion. Stretching helps to make your muscles and tendons more flexible also and reduce the risk of strain or muscle tightness. As per experts, you should try and get the most of your stretching regime right after a workout when the muscles are still warm.

Take enough water

You should always bring a water bottle to the gym and regularly drink from it. It is best to consume water in little quality at a time during the workout and do the same many times during the exercise. Experts advice that you should drink before feel thirsty as the feel of thirst is a signal that you are already dehydrated.

Don’ts of workout

Lifting too much

You have to talk to your fitness instructor to make sure that he is setting the appropriate weight for you to lift. If you try to overdo it, there is every possibility that you would injure your muscles and it will lead to further complications. If you feel to challenge yourself on weights, do it gradually and steadily, and not a fresh day morning.

Wrong posture

You may come across many machines like elliptical machines, stair climbers, cross training, and treadmills, etc at a gym, and some equipment is made to lean on. However, if you are in a wrong posture while operating these, it will cause undue stress on your back, muscles, and arms. Always monitor your posture during workouts and get advice from the trainer if you are not sure of.

Go nuts with food

You don’t need any energy bars or drink if your works regime is for less than two hours. If you want to take in sports drinks or energy bars on feeling weak, always check the label and make the most appropriate one for you based on the instructor inputs.

In any case, it is essential to do the workout scientifically based on your physical conditions and other contributing factors to enjoy the best results. Remember, no two individuals are equal, and you cannot blindly follow what other’s do to meet your fitness goals.