Summer Camping Checklist

summer camping

After spending months trapped in our homes or offices, surrounded with concrete and glass, many of us long for a summer exile in the country –  an opportunity to breathe fresh air, find connection with nature and enjoy the silence.

Maybe you want to spend some time on that book you have abandoned on your nightstand or just dedicate a day or two to your significant other without any distractions? That is exactly why more and more people now turn to summer camping instead of more conservative ways of spending their vacations in a hotel.

Regardless of how great this idea is; your holiday can be ruined if you do not prepare well. We all have that one acquaintance who once got lost in a forest or woke up in a lake because their tent got blown away.

Essential Summer Camping Checklist

Do you have trouble packing for a hot tent camping trip? Well, our summer camping checklist can help you make sure you are all set up!

1A tent

It doesn’t matter where you are planning to stay, your number one priority should be safety. A good tent can protect you from small animals and insects, make sure you don’t get wet under heavy rain, protect your possessions from stranger invasion and keep you warm while providing enough air circulation. Do not forget to consider how much space you need – are you traveling alone or in company? A good tent is easy to set up and easy to pack, convenient for cleaning and also not heavy. If you are planning to travel in winter, pay attention to winter tents. Hot tent camping is the right choice for you if you are traveling to colder countries too.

2A sleeping bag

This is your summer camping alternative for a comfy bed. As it replaces both your blanket and your bedsheets, it is rational to take picking it seriously. One might think that a sleeping bag is needed only in winter, however, remember that sleeping outside is different from sleeping at home so you might need some extra heating. Plus, weather forecasts sometimes lie and you never know if that lovely warm evening you are looking forward to will turn into a stormy night before it does.

3Sleeping pads

These are supposed to make sure that you feel comfortable no matter if you are on a rock beach or in a forest. You can also take them out of your tent if you want to sit outside, observe the environment or meditate. Nowadays you can easily find the one you like easily because they come in various sizes, colors and textures.

4Camping pillow

Unless you are a fan of rolling your clothes and putting them under your head, a camping pillow is a must. The reason why you should buy one instead of just packing a cushion you use at home is that whatever you take with you must be light, small and easy to pack. If you choose a good one, it will come with the benefit of always having something to use on those long bus trips.

5A flashlight

Sometimes it gets dark and you still want to do things. In cities we often take electricity for granted but as soon as you start your summer camping trip you might find yourself actually missing it. A good flashlight is your savior. You can use it to read that book we have mentioned or, well, just see things at night. A headlamp is also a good option for those who plan to walk in the dark.

6Camp chairs and camp table

Some people choose to travel without them to make their experience more authentic, however, it can be a real pleasure to have a meal with your friends in a nice open place. The best models are so light and easy to pack that you will not have to think twice before taking them with you. You can also use these on a picnic or when an unexpected number of relatives show up for your Birthday party and your furniture is just not ready for that.

7Packing bags

People often forget about it when packing for a trip, but you will eventually have to go back home and what you have so comfortably unpacked will have to be packed again. Some extra bags may be very helpful for packing dirty or wet clothes without any harm to your backpack. Do not forget about tape, scissors and rope – they may come in handy as well.


This one is not essential but it can definitely help on sunny days, especially if you are traveling in a group. It will also protect you from light rain if necessary. With a sunshade you will no longer have to look for a location with trees or natural shade – you will have your own.


The best way to enjoy your rest is not to forget about the consequences of spending too much time in the sun. Good sun protection makes sure that the sun only gives you vitamin D and no side effects whatsoever. Insect sprays should also be considered, especially if you are planning to camp near the water. You may also want to take a basic set of emergency medication with you just to be on the safe side. A drug store or hospital can be far from your camping place and you never know what can happen to you or your fellow travelers.

Spending time outside is not only a healthy way of taking a rest but also a great family tradition. If you take the responsibility of planning one you should take into consideration the needs of those you travel with. When it comes to summer camping an important rule is to be well prepared with an essential checklist for whatever comes in your way. Being well informed you can be sure that even your first trip goes successfully. After all, with enough effort put into it, research can be more helpful than years of experience.