Top 8 Awesome Perks of Living in Australia

The Possibilities of Exploring Australia in Two Weeks

Australia is one of the most suggested places to visit not only for the nature lovers but also for the seekers of themselves or those who are travelling abroad for the first time. Wondering why? Simply because even Australia being the smallest continent, it’s still the largest country by the land area of 7.692 million km² (…and that made me wonder how much beauty that vast of land has in it, hmmm).

Australians are truly blessed to have been born or to have been given a chance to take their first steps on this abundant land. If you’re wondering how it feels to live in this bountiful country, then find out the answers as you continue reading.

Preserved and Well Taken Care of Nature

From the land up to the sky and deep down the water, Australia is really filled with natural beauty.  One of the cherishing experiences in AUS is the breath of fresh and clean air, the sight that can really brighten up someone’s day, and an unspoilt nature.

The people in this country take care of nature as much as they can, no doubt why Australia has an over 500 national parks and a mind-boggling 19 world heritage sites. Some of these are the ever amazing and famous Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park, Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, Gondwana Rainforests, Shark Bay, and much much more places to list.

An Excellent Healthcare Assistance

If other countries’ weakness is the healthcare system, then Australia isn’t one of them. Because all permanent citizens and residents residing in the country are entitled to apply for the so-called Medicare. It is the Australian universal public health insurance system that gives free or subsidised services in hospitals, medical centres, and pharmacies for clinically essential goods and procedures.

The country also caters to private health insurance discount scheme to encourage Aussies to get insured for such additional services as dental, optical, physiotherapy and etc.

Getting Along With People From Different Races

It is said that people from over 100 countries migrated to Australia and is expected to grow from time to time. Who wouldn’t want to stay in Aus if there are lots of good things to see and experience in the place? Having all that said, Australia is considered to be a society.

How did it become one of the perks? It’s simply because the Australians are able to meet the world (not literally) within their reach. They don’t have to travel around the globe to meet different people and to know different cultures. Is it only me who thinks that life is made easier for Australians? Hmmm. Just kidding!

The Word “Safety” Isn’t at Stake

This another perk will surely make you more envious of the Australians’ lives. Considered as the 13th safest countries in the world, the Aussies aren’t feeling the terror of getting their safety at stake in their homeland. If in your country, getting outside near in the evening is a bad idea, then I doubt in Australia.

Thanks to the consistent political situation and important freedom of expression. If you’re still thinking twice to migrate or even visit the land down under, think again and again because you might miss one of the best moments you could ever have and experience.

Excellent Job Opportunities

With around 5% of the unemployment rate, Australians are said to be proud of having a work-life balance.  Besides, Australia has a sturdy workplace protection with National Employment Standards that is applicable to all permanent workers in the country.

But that doesn’t end there, it has the highest minimum wage in the world at AUD 18.29 per hours (before tax), The Aussies are also encouraged to make compulsory contributions of 9.5% of their wage which safely goes to their retirement account. Isn’t it nice to hear that this country also cares for their people’s future?

Great Choices For Students

Australia has a good number of 45% who complete a tertiary qualification at vocational training centres or universities. Also, there are five Australian universities which are listed by the QS World Rankings in the top 50 institutions in the world.

Aside from the sought-after countries, UK and US, Australia has the 3rd highest number of international students, Imagine having excellent study options which are open for overseas students with over 1,200 institutions and 22,000 courses as a choice. It’s a wow! Right?

Variety Of Climate To Enjoy

Australia is a no winter wonderland – it’s blessed with four seasons. The spring season gives Aussies the breath of fresh air, life and colours to the natural beauties and it’s a great scenery to see millions of flowers as they bloom and showcase their extravagant colours; summer here is hot but thank goodness it’s blessed with lots of amazing beaches to take a plunge into and beat the heat; this country also has winter but unlike other countries, the winter here is mild; lastly, the autumn season with fine mist and gorgeous golden leaves covering the place. Can somebody calculate how blessed Australia is?

Great Access Not Only With Nature But With The Modern World

Of course, Australia doesn’t only smother its people with natural wonders and beauty, it’s also filled with the beauty of the modern world. Australians somehow indulge themselves by going on a vacation on the neighbouring cities and go check into Australia’s nicest and luxurious hotels, eat or go on a date to fine dining restaurants, or even go on recreation or gym centres to unwind.

Australians never stress themselves out and always find new ways to enjoy life. They don’t settle for pricey living as long as it can sustain them the happiness and pamper that they need.

So, if you got here until the end, then better start packing and challenge yourself not to fall in love with Australia which I doubt you could, but if you didn’t make it up until the end, I bet you already started packing even before you reach the middle of the article. If you ever visit the land down under, don’t forget to share your stories with us!

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