Student Travel Tips – Living, Studying & Working Abroad

Travel Trips
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Traveling is one of the most enriching and eye-opening experiences you can go through. Meeting other people, making new friends, discovering new cultures and habits develop yourself and your perspective on the world even more. Even though it may sound like a crazy thing, many international universities are ready to welcome their students with open arms.

No matter if you choose to study abroad or only enroll in a project, studying and living abroad can be one of the best experiences.

Travel Tips for Student Living, Studying & Working in Foreign Country

When you live, study, and work in a foreign country, you might have more travel options than your native country. For sure you have a lot of things and places to discover abroad, but as a student your budget is limited. So, which are the best student travel tips for students living abroad?

1You Do Not Have to Be Rich to Do It

When you live and study abroad, you have many other opportunities than in your hometown. The culture and food are different, and so do the people. Many students think that they have to be rich to travel abroad, but do not let this hold you back.

Traveling is a nice experience you can have and you can do it on a budget too. Traveling abroad is an incredible contact you have with many other cultures you can learn a lot from. Even though you are still a student, you can travel on your own and do not let other obstacles hold you back. You do not have to be rich to do it, only to handle your finances healthily.

2Check for Last Minute Offers

Even though you might save some money for traveling, you should spend it wisely. Do not rush into buying plane tickets, but take the patience and time you need to find the best deals. Sometimes, the best deals are the last-minute ones. Other times, you may find promo codes or discounts the airlines offer to their customers.

Either way, you can surely find some tickets that are quite affordable for students and you can invite other colleagues to join you. Students are passionate about traveling and about finding the best traveling deals. They travel in groups to get discounts.

3Make Sure You Have Your Documents

Every time you travel abroad, it is crucial to check if you have all your personal documents. Now that the world pandemic is still spreading around the world, countries have imposed travel restrictions. It is important to know the documents you need upon arrival in another country. For example, many of them ask visitors to present the vaccination certificate as well as the passport. Check these before you start your trip and make sure you are ready.

4Blend In

One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling as a student is to blend in with the local people and culture. In every country you will go to, some scammers will try to pickpocket you. Tourists are usually easy targets, as they are distracted by the novelty of the city. Because your budget is surely short, make sure you blend in. like this, you do not catch the attention of those who want to scam you.

5Make Friends

Depending on how long your trip or stay abroad will be, you can visit different local places. Making friends with the locals is a nice way to meet the local culture and cuisine. They will immerse you in the history of that place and help you discover its taste.

Every trip abroad can bring many friends and you can soak in so much information from those friends. Befriending students or people from your native country is easy and maybe it will make you feel more comfortable. But to have a nice and enriching experience, you can make international friends. Some of them will remain your friends for life.

6Free Tours

When you travel abroad, there are many things you may want to discover. There is novelty everywhere and it awaits you to see it. As a student, you are probably traveling on a budget, so you may not have enough money to pay for all the entrances at the museums.

But if you have a student ID, you can get free entrance to many of the interest points in the country you are visiting. There are many free tours you can benefit from and discover hidden treasures. On top of this, many cities have a city pass that for a sum of money, grants you access to all museums, but also free public transportation.

7Be Flexible

Another important tip to put to practice is to be flexible. Even though during the summer months there are fewer infections with the coronavirus, some countries might change their traveling restrictions from day to day. It is therefore important to be flexible when traveling. If you need to stay longer in a specific place, you could look out for a job. For sure locals have something to help them with, so this could be a good enough solution. Be flexible when traveling as the current state of the world is uncertain.

Ending Note

Traveling is one of the best experiences in the world. If you are living, studying, and working abroad, you probably have new travel opportunities at your feet. Do not let your finances hold you back and prevent you from traveling. Discover new places, befriend new people, taste a new cuisine, and learn more about the local habits. These tips are among the ones you need to put to practice to make sure you do not spend a lot of money and have a nice and happy trip abroad.