The Qualities to Look for in a Digital Marketer

digital marketing

The internet is now accessible more than in any other time in history. The number of people accessing it is increasing every day. One study found that the number of internet users in adult improved by 5% in three years. Now think of this percentage rise but in terms of the world’s total population of 8 more than 7 billion people. Unquestionably, a 5% rise is a significant change with a lot of implications.

For instance, it has changed shopping and marketing patterns in a large way. Offline marketing has become ineffective compared to decades ago. A business that sticks to traditional marketing approaches lag behind and cannot cope with the competition.

Marketing is all about linking with your potential clients and target audience at the correct places and at the appropriate time. In today’s global world, this means connecting with them in the places they like spending time, which is the internet. This is what is referred to as digital marketing. Put simply, this is marketing through various online platforms. This is the most effective way of attracting and engaging clients with easy and irrespective of their geographical locations.

Digital marketing can take different forms depending on the various approaches and tactics used. Nevertheless, marketing agents play a significant role when it comes to the success of digital marketing. A good digital marketer should have a proper view of the manner in which various digital marketing campaigns can possibly facilitate their overarching goals.

Based on the objectives of the marketing approach, marketers can potentially support a large campaign whether in paid or open channels available. For this reason, we are going to discuss some of the best qualities’ businesses should look for in a digital marketer or a digital marketing agency. We will begin with the basic attributes and later on, we shall also discuss pivotal digital marketing skills. So, let us kick-start.

The attributes to look for in a digital marketer

Every successful marketer should have some basic personal fact, any modern marketer should have the following traits and attributes.

Unquenchable curiosity

This is a common trait in all successful digital marketers. They are characterized by the urge to understand more and unearth significant truths in their sectors and disciplines. Every prosaicism regarding long-term learning applies, though this is something profound. It extends beyond self-improvement to the things related to whatever they are doing. The urge to know more is key and is often evidenced by the desire to be the best in everything they do.


Successful digital marketers have a wide understanding of digital aspects but choose to specialize in one specific area. This necessitates help in order to maximize campaigns as well as your concepts. A digital marketer can never work alone. For instance, a content marker may require the advice of an SEO specialist like Search Media when it comes to ranking high.

On the other hand, the SEO specialist demands content when dealing with inbound opportunities on outside sites. It is very important for a marketer to appreciate working with others and have the ability to team play. Generally, individuals who cannot work with others lower the morale of the whole team and this negatively affect productivity.

So, look for someone who is able to fit in the team, appreciate the talents of others, and improve the works of others.

Critical thinking

The best digital marketers are strategic naturally. They are always in a position to review their past activities, current undertakings, and what they have to do later, identify possible errors, and figure out how to make improvements. The ability to review both past success and failures determines the approach given to the incoming projects.


Laziness has got no place in digital marketing. The industry is quite dynamic and does not guarantee resting time. Great marketers are on constant learning and thinking about how to improve. Successful marketers have the ability to motivate themselves and remain effective in hard times such as in stressful deadlines, where employers, teammates, and customers want it. They must be able to demand it from themselves even more compared to others.


This is yet another important aspect business must consider when hiring digital marketers. It can be very costly to end up hiring a generalist marketer, an individual with only general knowledge and lacks great potential in one specific area. If a business hires a person who requires specialization, then it must be prepared to spend money on training them. It is important to look for a digital marketer who has specialized in one specific field rather than someone with only general knowledge.

Effective communicator

Marketing involves constant communication with clients and potential customers. A successful digital marketer must be able to deal with various stakeholders, right away from the leadership of the company and other workers to clients and freelancers.  Besides, a digital marketer is required to hire subcontractors, including designers and writers, regularly. These are essential interactions and demands good communication skills and habits that suit the needs of businesses.

Other relevant skills

The traits and strengths discussed above are not sufficient enough to constitute an effective digital marketing agency. A successful marketer must be in a position to do some work as well, and this involves some important skills. Let us look at three such skills.


A good marketer should be in a position to do complex research and provide the data needed in order to address marketing problems experienced. Generally, many marketing problems can be solved through extensive research.


While data manipulation to see trends is important, good digital marketers should go beyond this level and dig deep into the data from research, gaining more insight and use it to solve marketing problems.


A good marketer should be able to make data relevant or make sense out of it. If the problem has been acknowledged and research carried out, a digital marketer must be able to work on the data and make relevant marketing decisions.

There are so many things to look for in a digital marketer. This blog has considered basic things that make a successful marketer. However, there are other important factors apart from the abilities of a digital marketer that can determine the success of a digital marking strategy. We consider that next.