Sore Back? Try A Massage

back pain

The gift of busy modern lifestyles is less time to take care of yourself. Unhealthy life habits, stress, or overexertion of work, so many reasons lead to one common problem: sore back pain. The millennials complain a lot about many things, but one common ground of complaint is pain at various back points. Massage cane is the solution to this problem of the ordinary person. Before discussing the different types and the qualities of massage canes, it is essential to understand the root cause of sore back pain in our body.

The root cause of the back pain

Back pain is a painful experience which on average, everyone goes through once in their lifetime. If not treated or taken seriously, it stays and can be a cause for more significant problems. Lets us see the primary reasons for these back pains-

  1. Spine-related problems – Any discomfort caused in spinal- joints, muscles, discs, and nerves that fit together and move can be the reason for starting back pain.
  2. Lifestyle triggers – Active or unhealthy, both life practices can be the reason for thesis sweet pains at the back.
    • Slouching at your desk
    • Picking up heavy objects.
    •  If you are Overweight can lead to back pains.
    • If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, then back problems are inevitable.
    • Smoking can also trigger sore back pain.
  3. Accidents and injuries – Car accidents, falls, muscle sprains, strains, and fractures can lead to sore back pain.
  4. Emotions and stress – Major health changes in our body happen due to the stress levels we have in us. Depression and overexertion all cause tension in the back.
  5. Other causes – Medical problems in our body like arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Spondylitis, tumors, and pregnancy all cause discomfort at the back.

There are many reasons for these trigger point pains in the back. But to bring relief from them, it is essential to press these points with sustained pressure, interrupt the pain cycle, and provide comfort. Massage cane allows these trigger points to set free.

Qualities of a massage cane

A massage cane is an easy-to-hold device that helps to relieve pain in the back.

  • The principle behind its success is that you can massage yourself without the help of a professional masseur.
  • The methodology behind it is to release the stressed muscles’ tension by applying sustained pressure on them.
  • It is easy to hold design and the detachable feature is a strong point for its likeability.
  • It is easy to carry as it can be detached into two small parts.
  • The cane comes with seven trigger point knobs to give a professional massage experience and bring relief.
  • It works on all the tender muscles at the back, like the shoulder, neck, feet, and legs.
  • Ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold.

Massage canes can bring relief to you but select the right one out of the various kinds available in the market; check out its features. The durability and firmness of the cane matter to fulfill your needs; if it is too flexible or lightweight, you have to work harder to apply pressure. Your level of comfort while using it is also a factor to be seen.

Different kinds of Massage canes in the market

There are various shapes and qualities of massage canes in the market. The one which suits your needs the best is the right fit for you.

1Original Backnobber II

It is an S-shaped massaging device. The detachable feature of the device makes it easily portable. The simplicity of the S design makes it possible to be used at any muscle at the back. There is a single knob at each end of the cane, so it is easier to handle than a device with several knobs. There is only one drawback that the material is less firm, so more effort is required to release the trigger point.

2Q-flex Acupressure Back and body massage tool

This massaging device comes with one knob at the end of the hook. For comfort in holding, the opposite end has a padded handle. This cane’s best feature is to provide relief at hard-to-reach points and comes with a handbook for guidance. The only drawback is the quality of material used in the cane, which gives it more flexibility. If required to be pressed firmly at places, more pressure is to be used.

3Body Back Buddy Original

This massaging device comes in an S-shaped body with 11 knobs. The main attractive feature of this device is its high-quality material used which makes it durable and long-lasting. It has more strength due to its heavyweight. The difference part of this device is that it has 11 knobs, unlike other canes in the market. It is designed to reach the farthest aching muscles also at the back. The only drawback of this device is to decipher how to use it yourself.

4Gaiam Restore and neck therapy kit

This tool comes in a one-knobbed hook-like design. It is simple and easy to target a specific tender muscle. The knob in the hook is a ball that rolls on the trigger point to release the tension. It provides substantial pressure to ease the pain. The only limitation in the design of the cane is its non-flexibility in size. Tall people are not comfortable with its usage.

5Thera Cane Massager

This device is a cane-shaped massager. It has six knobs for breaking up tension and knots. Two of the knobs act as a handlebar to give you a firm grip. The only drawback is that it breaks easily under pressure but comes with a two-year warranty.

Choose the best that suits you after analyzing your needs and the features of the different massage canes.

To sum it up

Changing your lifestyle and healthy living practices will surely help you ease back pain. But, running around in our daily lives, we all feel the sweet pangs of back pain at some point in time. To bring relief to your tender muscles in the back massage cane is a very effective tool. It helps release the tension from the muscles, but it is easy and comfortable to handle.