12 Signs You Need To See A Dentist


Indeed oral hygiene should be our top priority, however, due to our busy schedules or ignorance only a few of us visit the dentist regularly. Ideally, regular dental visits should be scheduled twice a year, but most of us have a tendency to ignore sitting on that dental chair until there is an emergency.

Surprisingly, the definition of a dental emergency is subjective to everyone. Some people book an appointment as soon as they see plaque build-up, whereas others delay dental check-ups even after noticing cavity formations. Keep waiting only makes things worse. It may lead to serious complications to your teeth, gum and overall health.

12 Signs You Need to See The Dentist

Therefore, you should know when is the right time to see a dentist apart from those bi-annually mandatory check-ups.


Ever experienced sharp pain while having anything hot or cold. It is called tooth sensitivity. The painful sensations usually last for only a few seconds but avoiding them is certainly not a wise decision. The sensitive teeth are a sign of an underlying issue, maybe weak roots, poor gum health or any other dental complications. So next time when you feel sensitivity discomfort, book an appointment ASAP.

2Inability to chew

Did you notice that you are gobbling up your food because it hurts when you chew it slowly? It might be shifting pain, bite issues or any other severe dental disease affecting your molars. Get them checked to keep enjoying your favorite foods.

3Gum problems

Gum bleeding is a sign of poor gum health. When someone notices their gums bleed while eating hard foods or even while brushing it is a sign that your gums need immediate attention. Other gum concerns that should not be ignored are swollen gums, it can be an infection or gum disease that only experts can tell.


Toothaches are not only common among children. Even adults experience recurrent episodes of toothaches. It is an early sign of tooth decay. Check for any obvious sign of a cavity. Even if you can’t find a cavity, still get your tooth checked at your dental office.

5Bad breathe

It’s not the smell of garlic you ate that is keeping your special ones away, it’s your bad breathe creating distances. There is no chance of a foul smell if your oral health is in good shape. The possible reason behind bad breath that lingers is gum problems. Get your bleeding gums treated if you ever noticed a bad breath even after brushing your teeth.

6Plaque build-up

You think your brush your teeth twice a day and you don’t have to book a dental appointment, then you might be wrong. Take a close look at the inside of your teeth. The white spots you see are plaque build-up. It should be professionally cleaned in a timely manner to avoid dental decay and other health conditions.

7Discolored teeth

While you are in the bathroom, check your teeth in good lighting and find if any of the teeth are discolored. The grey or blue tints on the teeth enamel are a sign of infection. When the roots get infected, the crown changes its color which needs immediate root canal treatment, otherwise, you have to face tooth loss.

8Foul taste

Gum diseases or infections result in puss collecting in the mouth that can be observed as a metallic taste. The infection is not just fatal to your teeth, but can also cause severe health issues when the puss is ingested.

9Clicking jaw

Regular dental appointments are not just useful to keep the risk of dental cavities at bay. It also helps in identifying probably misalignment issues or serious jaw diseases beforehand. If you find it difficult to move your jaw and notice a clicking sound, it can be a TMJ disorder. Dentist can assess the underlying reason behind the jaw discomfort and suggest useful interventions.

10Mouth sores

Lumps and bumps in the mouth are frequent for some people. Mouth ulcers can be treated with over the counter medication or lifestyle changes. If you feel the bump is not going away after all treatments, it can be a sign of oral cancer, so get it checked immediately.

11Dry mouth

When you wake up, you notice a dry mouth and don’t ignore it. A dry mouth is a sign that you have a sleeping disorder. A dentist can assess your condition and suggest an oral appliance to sleep peacefully at night.

12After dental work

Both cosmetic dentistry and tooth restoration treatments require follow-up appointments. Consider going to the dentist to make sure that your dental work is in good shape and you are not developing any complications.

Bottom line

Healthy gums and a white and bright smile are desired by everyone. Only a few people follow a rigorous routine to achieve that. Instead of ignoring your dental conditions, get yourself checked right now. Delays in dental check-ups always turn into expensive treatments. Keep that in mind and book an appointment right now.