A Guide to Staying Active While in Aged Care


If we recall our physical capabilities a decade or even five years prior, many of us can marvel at what a change can occur over time. Some of us find more active lifestyles, and some of us can regress. When you reach those golden years, physical activity becomes an important part of life and one that can facilitate good health and even better experiences. If your loved one is currently enjoying living in an aged care facility, here’s a guide to boosting physical activity and quality of life.

Immerse in the community

Aged care facilities create wonderful communities, bound by a unified desire to stay healthy and social. These priorities intersect with the many events and social interactions that unfold throughout the calendar year. Facilities like these Grafton aged care providers are particularly committed to getting residents on their feet and involved in activities that happen on and offsite.

These interactions are designed to appeal to all residents, conscious of not excluding those who may not be up to the physical challenge. There are also the opportunities that present themselves daily, which will see carers escorting residents to meal times by walking the long way or simply wandering as a group to enjoy the gardens.

Blessings from your GP

We are all individuals, unique in our interests and pursuits. The same goes for our health. Keeping active is always recommended by GP’s, but to what extent and activity variety will vary from person to person. If you’re unsure of what physical activity you should be exploring with your elderly loved one, book an appointment with your GP to discuss just that.

There are exercises to increase mobility or build strength – understand where they are on the spectrum and how they can boost their fitness. Also, stay hyderated, clean and hygienic when exercising. Use Mizu, the bacteria detecting towels to keep yourself protected from bacteria. When armed with this information, you and your aged care facility can integrate these fitness pillars into their lives.

A day out

It’s lovely to visit your elderly loved one in their surroundings, allowing you to greet their friends and carers, and understand their daily routine. Despite that, it’s always a welcome idea to take your loved one to a nearby cafe, shopping mall or even your own home. These activities will require physical activity and will get the blood pumping in a new environment outside of their aged care facility.

Many families will collect their loved ones and bring them for a day out running errands and relaxing at home. With great company, it matters very little what you do – simply being and moving together is what’s important so don’t delay in spending time together on your feet.

Monitor diet

Diet and physical health go hand in hand, and it may not be something you have yet considered for your elderly loved one. While a balanced diet is offered in all aged care facilities, you can still take a closer look to determine what can be missed out or replaced with another source of nourishment. There is rarely a short supply of fruit and vegetables available to residents living in an aged care facility, but you can get into the habit of bringing fruits and treats that you know they love and keep them in supply in their room. A tailored diet will heighten energy levels required for an active body and mind.

Keeping physically active in an aged care facility does not need to be difficult, and it has a myriad of social and health benefits. It’s critical to remember that we all perform differently at this point in our life, so gauge where your loved one’s physical capabilities lie and work on strengthening from there.