9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools You Must Have

Best WordPress SEO plugins

Are you looking forward to the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools you must-have? Here you will find the best tools and plugins. Finding the best host for your WordPress site is sure to speed it up and also help you to boost your WordPress SEO rankings. However, there are so many other things taking part in it, including which keywords you target for product pages and blog posts, how big your image files are, and whether or not your content is easy to read. Several WordPress SEO plugins make this task a breeze.

Additionally, you can find some third-party professional SEO services for bringing up powerful stats, keyword rankings, and backlink information. SEO is quite difficult, even for most experienced website owners. Finding posts and pages with high potential, fixing broken links, recognizing site structure, or conducting a complete SEO audit is hard for most website owners.

When you use the right WordPress tools and the important knowledge required to use these tools, you will be well on your way to search engine success. So, if you are looking for the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools to boost your search ranking of the site, then you are at the right place.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

This ultimate guide gathers some of the best WordPress SEO tools and plugins that will surely help you. Using the right set of SEO tools and plugins, you can improve your SEO ranking and give you an instant skyrocket to the overall success of your site. Below, we share some of the best SEO plugins and tools for your WordPress website.


It is one of the best professional SEO services for WordPress for tracking website performance and user behaviour. However, website analytics are very important and play a vital role in making better business decisions, developing the best marketing strategies, and improving the SEO of the site.

Monsterlights is user-friendly but the most powerful Google Analytic tool for WordPress. Analytics is the most widely used analytic tool available in the market. That is where Monsterlights comes in handy for WordPress users. This plugin lets users connect their WordPress site with Google Analytics and easily track your important website data.

Using this SEO tool, you can obtain insights into how your users and search engines look at your site. This data will further help you improve your SEO tactics and improve your rank in search results. Using Monsterlights, you can track various metrics including, the most famous content on your website. Your site’s top keywords, the top referral website that links back to your website, top outbound links from your website, and the accurate reports on your mobile traffic with Google AMP.

2Google Keyword Planner

It is also one of the most used and the best WordPress SEO plugins. This SEO tool is designed for Google ads advertisers to find the keywords with the most value for their websites. However, Google Keyword Planner has a lot of SEO value to offer. Moreover, you can use this WordPress SEO tool to find new and attractive keywords for your business. You need to enter words, phrases, or a URL related to your business and start your search. After that, you will see the top best keywords along with average monthly searches on Google.

Additionally, you can also see bidding amounts and competition levels. However, the bidding value is designed for advertisers, but you can learn a lot about keywords from it. This tool is free of cost, so you can easily be precise about keywords search volume, advertiser interest, competition, and many other things without spending a single penny. There is no doubt that it is one of the best SEO consultant tools to improve your keyword research.


It is one of the most powerful SEO and marketing tools for WordPress. It is also the favorite WordPress SEO tool among SEO professionals. This SEO plugin comes with the complete set of features to supercharge your site’s SEO content marketing, social media and paid traffic. One of the best and most professional SEO services allows you to analyze keywords for search volume. Once you know the search volume of keywords, you can know which keywords you have to add to your content and which keywords to bid on if you use Google Ads.

Additionally, this SEO tool also allows you to search URLs like your competition’s so you can easily view which keywords they rank highest. Also, you can determine how to outrank them. Using the perfect keyword on your site to attract valuable target customers will help you with search result rankings and help you increase your business and establish loyal customers.

4Google Search Console

It is the best and free SEO tool, which helps you to learn important insights about your search result rankings. You can use this SEO consultant tool to see how your content is doing and get most of the amazing data about your site and your content across the web. You can also combine this SEO plugin with Monster lights, and you can watch your rankings explode. This tool tells you exactly how your website is performing. Moreover, you can do the following using the Google Search Console:

  • You can hide your content from Google indexing to prevent duplicate content.
  • You can see which search queries show your web pages.
  • You can view how much your site is mobile-friendly.
  • You can submit a sitemap and new content for indexing.
  • You can also find fix malware and spam problems.
  • You can find out which sites are linking to your site.

Above all, the best part is that you can view your search console report in your WordPress dashboard by simply combining it with the Monster lights.

5WP Rocket

It is also one of the best WordPress caching plugins available on the market. This SEO plugin lets you cache your site very quickly and boost your site’s performance. As speed is the major Google ranking factor, a caching plugin is a must-have. This WordPress SEO tool comes with some amazing and the most powerful features such as gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading. Moreover, you can also turn on lazy loading images, supports CDN for WordPress, DNS pre-fetching, and much more. All these things will further help you to improve page load times.

6Answer the Public

It is also one of the greatest and free-of-cost SEO tools for WordPress. This tool will help you to create SEO-optimized content. You need to enter a keyword that you think to use, and in return, you will get a bunch of possible search queries people might enter into search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can also use these focus keywords as LSI keywords in your overall content to make sure proper site indexing. Your website will then show up in search results where it should and take the people’s attention to your site who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Most SEO experts and business owners use this SEO plugin because Ahrefs allows them to view the SEO performance of their site. Moreover, this tool also permits you to see your competitor site’s SEO performance and strategies. With these insights, you can learn what you need to do to outrank your competitors. With the help of this SEO plugin for WordPress, you can view detailed organic search reports, including your top organic keywords, their positions in the search results, rank movement over time, competing pages, and much more.

Similarly, Ahrefs has advanced backlink research options that let you view the complete backlink profile for any site. Furthermore, you can also view updated backlinks every fifteen minutes, anchor text for backlinks, referring pages, etc. There are also many other options for keyword research, content research, rank tracking, web monitoring, and much more in this SEO plugin. There is no doubt about it that it is one of the best SEO plugins to boost the SEO of your site.

8Yoast SEO

This SEO plugin for WordPress provides you with a massive range of SEO features and options to optimize your site for search engines and the visitors of your site. Yoast SEO tool helps you create better overall content with its content and SEO analysis feature. This tool checks every piece of content you write and shows you how it looks from the SEO and easy-to-read point of view. It means this plugin not only keeps the search engine bots happy but also your human readers. Yoast SEO not only help you to optimize your site’s content for readability, but you can also do the following tasks:

  • You can create and submit a Google XML sitemap for better site indexing.
  • You can put focus keywords in your content.
  • You can also edit the snippet text that appears for viewers in search results.
  • You can find out how optimized your site is and complete it with suggestions for improvement.
  • You can set canonical URLs to keep duplicate content and Google penalties.
  • You can control site bread crumbs for better site navigation and site indexing.

Furthermore, tons of other exciting features come with this SEO plugin for

WordPress, including cornerstone content, internal linking, several focus keywords, Google Search Console integration, etc.

9Broken Link Checker

This free-of-cost SEO plugin for WordPress is very helpful to check your site content for broken links and helps you fix them. As you create more and more content every day, you don’t have much time to review your old posts. Therefore, this tool helps you check you are completely archived of published content and tells you about broken links and lost images.

Broken links show a terrible impression among your site visitors and harm your site’s SEO. Hence, Broken Link Checker is the perfect SEO plugin for WordPress for keeping your site content updated and fresh.


All these above mentioned are the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools you must have. The best SEO word press plugins and tools they must have will help you in many ways. After reading this article, we hope that you will get good knowledge about the best SEO plugins and tools that will help you improve your site’s SEO.