5 Signs That You Can’t Trust an Online Casino Review


One of the many ways in which players choose online casinos is to read reviews. There are tens of thousands of reviews out there covering thousands of betting sites. However, with so many conflicting reviews, they can’t all be telling the truth. How are you to know which reviews have been written honestly and give an accurate depiction of an online casino, and which ones are made-up, pure fantasy designed to get you to sign up at any old casino site? We’ll show you right here.

Consider the Source

Firstly, you should consider the source of the site supporting the reviews. If that site is affiliated with an operator, it is highly likely that they are only covering casinos run by that operator. If a site is littered with bonus codes, then it is also highly likely to be on the take. However, if the site reviews hundreds of casinos, then it is far more likely to be impartial when it comes to the casinos it reviews.

Did They Play at the Casino?

A classic sign of a bad review is if it becomes apparent that the writer hasn’t played at a casino. Personally, if we wanted to review, let’s say, Rollers.io, we’d sign up at the site, claim their welcome bonus and have a stab at their games as a player. We would then review the casino as a player. This makes reviews friendly and relatable. However, writers sometimes skim reviews for information and then stitch them together in their own reviews. It is easy to spot, as nothing seems to flow.

Lists Aren’t an Indicator of Quality

There is no better sign that a writer hasn’t bothered to play at a casino they are supposed to review than seeing endless lists. If a review consists of a list of slots, a list of table games, a list of payment methods and so on, and nothing of any real substance, it is clear that the reviewer hasn’t tested the casino. They may have visited it but have opted to merely copy what they’ve seen without testing anything.

Over-Hyping Everything

Another sign of a bad casino review is if it seems over-hyped. Balanced, dare we say, honest reviews should be impartial and highlight any negatives found at a casino (and there are always some) alongside the positives. A tell-tale sign of a bad review is if you feel as though the writer is pushing you to join the casino, come what may. If everything is “awesome”, “excellent”, and “super”, then the review is probably too good to be true.

Are the Online Casinos Compared to Similar Sites?

Lastly, we will leave you with this. If a casino review mentions that the casino is a sister site, and the writer compares its features to those of other sites or describes details that imply that they’ve compared and contrasted features of several casinos to come to their conclusion, the review is probably good. If every review reads as though a casino is a standalone site and is impeccable, the reviewer probably doesn’t have enough experience and has no frame of reference for how the site stacks up to its counterparts. If they don’t have that, how can you trust the casino review?