The Rise of Online Casinos Over the Last Decade


The online casino industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years, especially over the last decade. The growing industry has witnessed significant milestones during its foundation and development. The online casino started its base in the early 90s, the first online casino was launched in 1994. Since then, the entire gambling field has been revolutionized. This launch marked the inception of a new beginning in the entire casino industry. Gamblers no longer had to travel vast distances to play casinos, they had to access easy gambling through internet connectivity.

Early Online Casinos

The early casinos were not as modern and updated as today’s casinos are. They offered a very restricted selection of casino games and opportunities which were not so user-friendly. However, with time and upgrades, they evolved and became popular. Online casinos have taken over the entire internet today and almost every player yearns to associate with the best online casinos offering vagrant features. The rise in the industry was prominent since the early 2000s because of several aspects including easy online payment methods, the increasing popularity of virtual gambling, and the growth of user-friendly casinos.

In 2003, approximately 15 million people were found gambling online. By the end of 2004, the number rose to 18 million. After this, the online casino industry started developing rapidly and soon became one of the most famous industries online. By the end of 2006, 1500 online casinos actively began their operation. Some of the major changes that have happened in the domain since its inception are listed below.

Wide Range of Games Selection

Online casinos can provide a huge selection of gaming possibilities. This is one of the leading reasons for the increasing popularity in the domain of the online industry of casinos. Brand new casinos are adding new titles to their casino labels regularly. Because of the wide availability of games with online casinos, high-quality games are being added to the library. Every day new casino games are being launched by operators which propagate the industry’s flexibility.

Mobile Gaming Options

The fastest evolutionary technology in the domain of the online casino industry has seen widespread growth. Mobile gaming is the main reason for the ongoing popularity of casinos. Till now it was a myth to use a desktop or a gaming console for playing online games, however, with the advent of mobile gaming or mobile-based applications, the scenario has changed completely. People are using mobile phones for every purpose now, be it shopping, ordering groceries, or playing games. Online gaming operators have seen a large change in the industry with the advent of mobile phones and mobile sports betting.

Live Dealer Games

The early casino industry witnessed all games that were played against computer development systems and not live gaming. This worked well but many gamblers needed a more realistic gaming experience. The recent industry of casinos offers a more realistic and lively gambling experience based on live dealer games. 2016, evolution gaming projected the first live dealer game in the casino industry, and since then, the entire scenario revolutionized.

Live dealer games are usually played against real-time dealers in actual time. Hence it gives players a more realistic and authentic gaming experience. They are one of the most popular online casino games in the industry. They attract most of the players from all around the world to the casino operations.

Impacts of the Growth in the Casino Industry

The growth and development of the casino industry have initiated many benefits for players worldwide.

Affordable Form of Gambling

With the multiplicity and versatility in gaming offerings along with multiple bonuses and promotions for the users, online casinos have become more affordable now. Also, you just need an internet connection to start playing online casino games unlike before when you had to travel huge distances to actually participate in these games.

Accessible form of Gambling

With several casino apps and sites operational on your mobiles and desktops, you can choose any operator. This has increased the competition for developers but has made casino games more accessible to you than ever before. Online casinos have become more convenient and accessible due to their versatility and expanded selection criteria.

Advances in Technology

With virtual reality and augmented reality, gaming has become more fun and realistic. These technologies don’t let you miss the transitional aspect of casinos by giving you an exactly similar experience with the help of virtual screens, glasses, headphones, and other wearable devices. With the development of various games that are technologically upgraded, players can access a vital form of technology in the online gambling industry.


It won’t be an exaggeration if you say that online casinos have traveled a long way to become successful and have now achieved huge success. They have evolved from nothingness to everything, from basic games to live dealer games, from classic casinos to games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. With innovations made every single day, online casinos will witness more growth prospects in the future.