Should You Try an RV Rental in Long Beach?

RV Rental

For those of us who might not be the most outdoorsy of folks, travelling by RV may not sound the most appealing.  Usually, we associate it with camping.  You know, that super fun activity where you get a ton of bug bites and have to sleep on the hard, uncomfortable ground, all while risking a bear waltzing up.

Now, that last part might not be a huge concern in Florida, but you still might encounter a snake or alligator.  I mostly jest, but still…it might not be your top choice for a vacation.  However, I’m here to open your mind.  There are plenty of reasons you should at least try this for your next trip!

You Can Take Friends

Humans are social beings.  We like to spend time with the people we care about (even if some of us introverts do need some time to recharge after).  Going on a trip like this can be a great way to do that.

In an RV, there should be a good amount of space for everyone.  Each person can pack what they need and will feel comfortable with.  No need to worry about making sure everyone has the food or beverage of their choice either, since you can bring it all!

Depending on your plans, you can bring some fun card games and board games to occupy yourselves while you’re not on the road. Make each rest stop and campsite a new and fun adventure to explore rather than an obligation.  I love travelling with my friends!  For some tips on how to do this, you can see this page.

It’s Affordable

If you’re skeptical about this point, I understand.  It might sound false or too good to be true. However, I think it’s something really important to keep in mind.  After all, hotel bills certainly add up (even if you’re splitting it with someone else). The same goes for train, plane, or bus tickets.

If you’re taking a road trip in an RV, the most expensive parts will be fuel or parking spots for the night instead of every step along the way costing a lot.  You won’t need to go to a restaurant for every year since most of them have at least some sort of kitchen inside.

Even if you’re renting, the style you choose will have the biggest influence on what you pay.  For an RV Rental Long Beach, decide your budget early on and let that decide what type you decide to rent for your trip. You will also want to figure out where you’re planning to go, as certain types of RVs will be more applicable for certain circumstances.

Freedom to do What You Want

One of the most annoying things about planning trips is the lack of spontaneity that is allowed if you have to follow a schedule.  Deadlines such as a bus schedule can be inconvenient, especially if you are someone who prefers to go with the flow.

While you should have certain plans (such as where to stay each evening and the roads and routes you decide to take), otherwise you can let your heart take the lead.  Feel free to stop at that ice cream shop and get a nice cone or go to every rest zone on the path.  It’s really all up to you.

This flexibility is one of my favorite perks of RV travel.  On a road trip, no one wants to feel stuck.  Half of the point is just going out and exploring!  When I go on vacation, I want to be able to relax when I want to and just enjoy myself.  Sticking to a strict schedule is really no fun.

Pack Whatever You Need

When you vacation this way, the only limit on what you can bring is the weight limit on the vehicle itself.  Otherwise?  Have at it. This includes taking bicycles if that’s your thing, or even jet skis.  You can read further on this here.

Maybe you want to indulge in some golfing while you’re at Long Beach or want to go on a hike.  You can pack your golf clubs and any exercise clothing you want.  No need to worry about the liquid limit on a flight, because you can take however much bug repellant or water you want too.

Convinced Yet?

If not, don’t worry.  I know it still might sound like the most fun.  However, this form of “glamping” as many of us like to call it won’t disappoint you.  It’s enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature while still being able to retreat into the comforts of a home.

It’s for this reason that I recommend at least giving this sort of road trip a try.  You might just find a new favorite vacation type!