Sad Love Quotes for Your Loved One to Show Your Sincere Feelings

sad love quotes

These quotes are not entirely to express your love, but these are the blessings to make somebody realize your deep feelings. These best sad love quotes are not just lines to read and write instead these are the deepest feelings of somebody which he/she want to express but doesn’t find any chance to say, and then these feelings are penned and called sad love quotes.

Sad Love Quotes

These are lovely sad love quotes by which you can express your feelings and thoughts. By these quotes, you will be able to show your deep feelings. Here is a collection of the best quotes and sayings that may uplift your souls and spirits to a new level. Down here we are enlisting most sad love quotes which you can share with your loved ones and show them your love for them.

Here are the best sad love quotes which are going to beat your heart.

I tried to ignore you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you.

The tough part about loving someone is seeing that person love another person.

It’s never failing to be the same again. And that’s what’s killing me.

When bad things seem not so bad, it means that you have the right people in your life.

Shining stars always remind me I have one who shines day and night.

I leave all my treasures unlocked as the precious one my friend, is locked in my heart.

These sad love quotes in English will help you to express your feelings and emotion towards the world

It takes a minute to like someone, an hour to love someone, but to forget someone takes a lifetime.

Loneliness is a good feeling when our-self creates it. But it is the worst feeling when others gift it!.

I act like I don’t care but deep inside it hurts.

Someone can make you unhappy by doing something special, but the only right person can make you happy without doing anything.

A smiling face always has a sensitive heart.

I can imagine the burden of life without your shoulder to share, my love.

These sad love quotes for him  for you and your loving one

Your lousy behaviour gives me pain in my life. And you go away when coming with you.

Once you lose someone from the heart, Its never the same person who comes back.

The worst missing is missing your self which you used to be once upon a time.

I remember no moments when you were not there. Tough, hard, smooth, silent times we walked through.

My best friend ignites the torch of happiness and courage whenever darkness penetrates in my heart.

Here are some sad love quotes for broken hearts.

I put myself occupied with the things to do, but each time I pause, I still think of you.

Sometimes it’s easier to be alone. No one can injure you!
Sometimes you have to smile, pretend everything okay, hold back the tears and walk away.

No reason to wonder why we are together as everyone knows the relation between trust and thought.

The words of these beautiful, sad love quotes are going to touch your heart.

If it is correct that there are as several minds as there are heads, then there are as various kinds of love as there are hearts.

Distance is not essential especially if you know that your hearts are tied together.

When you genuinely love a person, the emotions you feel towards him/her is immeasurable.

With you nothing is impossible. You are my life.

In turns of life whenever I stop to look back who is with me, I find my best friend right beside me.


So How? you are now feeling and do you allowed the words written above to enter your heart or do you get some refreshing kind of feeling? We know everyone has its own story of life and we bet surely the above-written quotes somehow few of them can be a part of your account directly or indirectly.
Sometimes a situation which every individual face in his/her life which makes him/her entirely, that quietness may lift you or can let you to ruins and to get it raised, the sad love quotes act as a spiritual, emotional support to deal with the challenge and make a way to the desire.

Hope you liked the collection of these sad love quotes and if you liked it then share it with your loved ones. Tag them, dedicate them which could also make them also spirit strong. From happiness to sorrow and from getting our love to heartbreak and from success to disappointment,  In any situation, These Lovely sad love quotes can help you see the brighter side and remind you of the essential things.