5 Tips of Taking Care of Your Rolex Presidential


Rolex Presidential is undoubtedly one of the most famous watch models to ever be manufactured by Rolex. This indicates you can be near a “president” is you own the Rolex Presidential watch, which simply shows how classy and costly the watch is. Due to this fact, you just have to know how to take care of this premium watch, otherwise, you will be contemplating financial losses associated with its damage. The guaranteed durability of the Rolex Presidential watch does not imply that you do not take good care on this watch. Here, I provide 5 quick tips that you can utilize so that your Rolex Presidential watch gives you the best you deserve.

Be Sure to Service Your Rolex Presidential on Regular Basis

You should ensure that your Rolex Presidential watch gets regular servicing for it to serve you better. There are two attributes that are associated with the regular servicing: having it done by a skilled individual, and servicing its every 2 – 4 years. The servicing of your watch does not simply apply to cases when your watch is having a mechanical problem, and therefore you should service it even when it functions perfectly.

Ensure That You Wear It Often

Your Rolex Presidential watch is too classy to simply be kept in a safe or drawer or idle somewhere in your bedroom. Just like you start your car and move around to ensure it is in good condition, your watch should receive the same treatment. The oils inside your Rolex Presidential watch are vulnerable to drying if you do not use your watch for long, and this may compromise the movement of the watch and its general operation. The bottom line is that if you often wear your Rolex Presidential, you are keeping it “alive’.

You May Need to Carefully Restore Your Watch

As the owner of the Rolex Presidential, you bear the final decision regarding whether or not to restore your watch. You may consider refinishing the case and the bracelet of your watch if you are considering a complete overhaul. For gold coated Rolex Presidential watch, it is highly recommended that you refinish at most five times because the process wears away critical metal on the watch. Ensure the restoration is done by an experienced individual so that the watch retains its aesthetic value.

Be Careful When You’re Wearing Your Watch

Most of the Rolex Presidential watches are made of sapphire crystals and high-grade stainless steel, which implies that although they are highly durable, they are not impervious. Therefore, your Rolex Presidential watch is susceptible to damage if you do not handle it with care. I would recommend that when you are playing games like gold, do not wear your watch as an accidental hit of the Rolex Presidential watch by a gold ball may impact the vibrations of the watch, thus leading to damage on its movement. However, if you have to have your watch on the wrist while golfing, be sure to have it services more regularly so that it can operate optimally.

Water is Not Good for Your Watch

Rolex is usually keen on ensuring that the watches are water resistant and adaptable to extreme conditions. However, it should be noted that the aspect of water resistance can never be taken for granted because once it gets inside the watch, the damage might be devastating considering the high cost of acquiring it. Usually, the attribute of water resistance is measured in terms of depth in meters, say 100 m, which is related to pressure.

The indication is that when you are jumping in the swimming pool with the watch, the pressure of water on the watch may exceed 100m, which means that water can penetrate into your watch and damaging it. Addition, you should avoid going to the bathroom with your Rolex Presidential watch because it may experience a drastic change in temperature, which can destroy your watch.

Rolex Presidential is an expensive acquisition, and thus damaging it for something you could avoid is painful. For this reason, be sure to take good care of your watch. You may consider reading the user manual for the watch to know how exactly you need to use and maintain your Rolex Presidential watch. I hope these 5 tips give you what it takes to properly maintain your watch.