Rising Ransomware Attacks Could Devastate Businesses


The evolution of technology over recent years has changed our world in many ways. A lot of the changes have been hugely positive ones for both individuals and businesses. However, there has also be a rise in criminal activity as a result of modern tech, and this is due to the high levels of cybercrime. While modern tech has become more advanced and secure, the techniques used by cybercriminals have also evolved.

This has resulted in many businesses being targeted and falling victim to problems such as ransomware attacks. These attacks are carried out by digital criminals that encrypt systems so that businesses cannot gain access to their own files and data. In order to get them decrypted, businesses are instructed to pay a large ransom to the criminals – and even then, there is no guarantee that they will actually be decrypted.

A Growing Problem

One of the key issue with this type of crime is that it has become a growing problem, and this is something that can cause a lot of worry and stress for business owners. The instances of this type of digital crime have rocketed over recent years, and this has taken into toll on businesses in many ways.

One thing that many businesses do is to be proactive and take steps to try and prevent ransomware attacks and to enable them to deal with them swiftly if they are hit with one of these attacks. One of the most vital things you need to do in order to tackle the growing problem of ransomware attacks is to ensure you have a reliable backup of your data and files so that you can still gain access in the event of an attack, and so that you have somewhere from which you can restore files after deleting infected ones. Using cloud backup solutions is ideal for this, as it offers convenience, affordability, and security.

One thing you should keep in mind is that cloud backup could be compromised because of the sophisticated methods that cybercriminals use these days. So, in order to ensure you are properly protected, look at using solutions such as Veeam Object Lock, as this can ensure that your files cannot be changed or deleted for a specified period. This is a great way to ensure you have extra protection against this growing problem, and it can help to make sure you always have a clean backup that you can turn to.

Another thing to remember is that ransomware attacks can happen for a number of reasons, as there are various ways in which ransomware can enter your systems. This includes a range of common scams that people often fall for such as phishing scams and malicious attachments send via email. In order to try and protect your business against being hit by this type of attack in the first place is to familiarize yourself with the methods used by cybercriminals. In addition, make sure your employees are also made aware of the methods.