Node.js vs Python: What’s the Difference?

Node.js vs Python

As day by day we become more modern we use different Technologies for developing new software. Node.js  and Python are also a kind of software which are the most compared backend technologies on the web. Node.js is older and more established and Python is up and coming.

If you are a developer then you know how crucial these two technologies are. So it is very crucial to know how these two technologies can help you and what is the main difference between Node.js vs Python.

In this article, you will come to know about it. So before a distinguished first, we have to know what it is we’re actually comparing. So;

What is Node.js?

Node.js is actually a server-side platform. It is a runtime environment for javascript. A Developer can create data-intensive real-time applications with node.js and which are run across distributed devices. All the applications which are written in it, are in javascript. One can run it in OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. non-blocking, event-driven I/O models are used for making this technology. In this developers use the same language for both the frontend and the backend. This event-driven is widely used for running real-time server applications.

What is Python?

Python is one of the most famous programming languages. The programming language is object-oriented, high-level, dynamic, and multipurpose language. It is a flip-side program. Python is widely used for business applications that are required to develop applications for different and often uncorrelated use cases. Multiple programming patterns like functional programming, or procedural styles, are supported by it. Its interpreted nature can make it an ideal language for scripting. It is actually an interpreted language that is why one can not convert it to computer-readable code before it runs at runtime.

Node.js vs Python Features


  • Node.js is an example of a single-threaded model which has event looping too. One can get an opportunity for the server to respond in a non-blocking way with it.
  • If you choose Node.js, you don’t have to face the problem of buffering because its applications output the data in pieces.
  • For making this Developers use V8 JavaScript Engine which makes this code execution library too fast.


  • Python allows low-level modules inclusion to the Python interpreter by which a programmer can add or customize their tools.
  • One can get all of the interfaces to all major commercial databases.
  • Functional and structured programming methods and OOP are always supported by python.
  • High-level dynamic data types are a preferable matter. Python also supports dynamic type checking.
  • One can integrate it with C, C++, COM, ActiveX, Java, and CORBA.

Key differences between Node.js vs Python

Node.js and Python have some similar features. But when compare Node.js vs Python then they have a lot of differences.

1Made up of

Node.js: A server-side platform that is built on Google Chrome Javascript Engine.

Python: is a programming language that is object-oriented, high level, dynamic and multipurpose.

2Use for

Node.js: basically used for web applications and website development.

Python: Developers use it for web applications and website development. It is used for many more things like applications, numerical computations, machine learning, and network programming.


Node.js: JavaScript interpreter always used by it.

Python: As an interpreter Python utilizes CPython.

4Asynchronous programming

Node.js: For Asynchronous programming developers always choose Node.js. It is the best option for it.

Python: It is not perfect for Asynchronous programming.


Node.js: We always use Node.js for a short project. It gives very good performance in it. It has an enabled functionality that needs less amount of scripting. Hence it is not good for long projects because it has only a few clean coding standards. So it is not able to be recommended for larger projects.

Python: Python is the best application for developing large projects because it can do anything that can be done using PHP code.

6Best for

Node.js: It is best for memory-intensive activities.

Python: It is not applicable for memory-intensive activities.


Node.js: You can get enough flexibility with Node.js to avoid the core. Like that instead of creating a core and then scaling everything around it, you can easily create a set of microservices and modules and these two will dynamically run their own processes when your application is scaled. By adding nodes to the existing ones you can scale this horizontally and if you want a vertical design you can add resources. So it has more scalability than python.

Python: It has a problem with threads. It is actually made up of the Global Interpreter Lock. This lock does not allow Python to deal with different threads at once. So until a process is over one cannot run another process and it is typed dynamically and it is more of a drawback in terms of scaling.

8Real-time web application

Node.js: Node.js is very useful for real-time web applications. Developers always choose it for designing a web application.

Python: Python is a bad choice for a Real-time web application.


Node.js: For Node.js JavaScript has been used. So it is easy to learn. Developers can easily use and learn it.

Python: It is quite difficult to understand. Developers have to write fewer lines of code.

When should you use node.js?

It is very crucial to know where you should use node.js.

  • Node.js can give you greater performance and high speed.
  • Node.js is useful for developing messaging or chatting applications.
  •  You can use it for developing heavy-load applications and e-commerce sites that depend on the speed of processing.

When should you use Python?

  • You can get opportunities for data analysis tools, web frameworks, and testing instruments with python.
  • Python has an ecosystem that is one of the largest out of any programming community.
  • If you are a new programmer then it is the most accessible language for you.

So keep it in mind and always be aware when you choose Technology. And choose it logically.