3 Steps To Removing Scratches on a Car

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There are questions you will have about your car every so often. Over time, you may ask, “What windshield wipers do I need?” and “What motor oil is best for my car?” Sooner or later, you will have to ask how you can remove a paint scratch from your vehicle. Car paint scratch repair is an essential skill because eventually, someone will slam their door against your car or scrape against it on the street. While everyone has advice on how you can go about doing this, there are a few steps you can implement to fix your paint job at home on your own.

Apply Shoe Polish and Sand Over the Scratch

You should first apply shoe polish to the scratch. Apply a small amount of the polish onto mechanic paper towel or a soft cloth. You should rub liberally over the scratch. The polish will get into the crevices of the scratch. This makes the scratches easier to see so that you can more easily identify the problem areas.

After this, you should do to go about removing a scratch from your car is to sand it over using a 2000 grit block sander. You can use either a dry or wet block sander, and you want to make sure you have plenty of water available. You will want to continue sanding the area until you no longer see the black shoe polish on the exterior of the car. In the event this is too tough, then you should take your car to a mechanic for repair. Your mechanic can help you with everything from doing an oil filter lookup by vehicle to a headlight bulb replacement.

Use a Rubbing Compound to Polish Over the Surface

Next, you will need to get your hands on a high-quality rubbing compound. You will use this to polish over the sanded scratch. You can really help yourself out by getting a polishing wheel and squirting a small amount of the compound onto the scratch. You will want to polish directly on the scratch, making sure not to go too far out. Most auto professionals will recommend using an oscillating polisher to get all of the shoe polish out.

Rub the Exterior by Hand

Lastly, you have to gently rub the scratch with a mechanical paper towel or a clean, soft cloth. You should do this by hand so that you can make sure you do not apply too much pressure. Once you have finished with this, you should give your entire car a good waxing. It will make the entire exterior look as good as new. By this point, the scratch should be completely gone, and you do not have to worry about driving around town with a less-than-stellar paint job.

Car paint scratch repair is easy enough to do on your own. You just need to make sure you get all the supplies you need from your local auto parts store. Pay your shop a visit today to get everything you need to keep your car looking perfect.