How to To Carry Out Do-it-yourself DIY Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating for cars
ceramic coating for cars

Ceramic coating is also known as glass or nano coating and it is very essential for protecting the paint of your vehicle. It ensures that the initial coating of your vehicle is covered with a shielding layer so that foreign materials will be kept at bay. Consequently,  DIY ceramic coating is gaining popularity in today’s world.

This article reveals the benefits of bestnetreview’s coating, a step-by-step guide on the DIY ceramic coating and how to maintain your result. You will also have the opportunity of reading popular myths about ceramic coating and how these myths are demystified.

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

There are a lot of benefits associated with ceramic coatings. They prevent rays from the sun as well as other harmful contaminants from damaging the paint of your vehicle. In addition, they eradicate the need for you to wax your car many times in a year. It is not a hidden fact that waxes do not provide adequate protection and wear out easily.

If you apply a car wax, it can last for about 3 months which means you will need to carry out the application 4 times a year in order to ensure full protection. On the other hand, a ceramic coating can last for many years and can even last for the complete life of automobile ownership so that cost savings will be created and easier cleaning will be achieved.

A ceramic coating’s active ingredient is silicon dioxide (SiO2) which offers advanced durability, extreme gloss, self-cleaning properties, UV protection, hydrophobic properties and so on. It can be applied with ease, especially when you get a product of high quality.

How to Apply Ceramic Coatings?

In order to apply ceramic coatings effectively, there are vital steps you need to take. These steps are enumerated below for your reading pleasure.

Rinse Paint & Wash

You should get a pressure washer to wash the body of your vehicle. The washing should be careful out from the top to the bottom. You must ensure that you clean the power panels properly because they harbor a lot of dirt.

Chemical Decontamination

This step is very vital in getting rid of iron deposits on your paint. You can make use of tar or bug remover and iron filings so that the iron deposits will be properly eliminated.

Second Decontamination Phase

The second decontamination place will ensure that excess contaminant that are embedded in the clear coat are removed. You can make use of a clay bar and its lubricant to collect these contaminants. You must ensure that you touch every part of the panel so that an effective removal will be achieved.


Before the application of the ceramic coating, it is very essential for you to polish your paint. You can use a dual action orbital buffer to carry out the polishing so that a perfect gloss finish will be achieved. If there are deep scratches on your paint, you can make use of machine compound polishing.

IPA Wipe

An isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipe will ensure that leftover polishing oil is removed. You only need to spray the IPA mix on your vehicle’s surface while a microfiber towel is used it wipe the residual oil. This will lead to an appropriate bonding of the coating.

Ceramic Coating Application

You will need a foam block and micro-suede applicator for this step. The applicator should be wrapped around the foam block. The ceramic bottle should be shaken properly before putting it on the applicator. The application should be thorough without leaving out any part.

After about the 30 seconds, you should use a microfiber cloth of high quality to shine the surface. You should throw away the microfiber cloth because it cannot be used twice so that the dried silica dioxide on it will not mar your paint. Thereafter, you should allow the ceramic coating to cure for about 24 hours without water contact. You can park your car in the garage.

Maintaining Your Ceramic Coating

Your ceramic coating requires proper maintenance so that you will be able to get the best result. You can use a pH neutral soap as well as shampoo which will guarantee proper resetting of the coating and elimination of contaminants. This will lead to proper performance of the coating.

Moreover, you can touch up your coating every 3 months with the aid of a silica spray. You only need to spray it and wipe it off with a clean cloth. This will boost the glossy finish and offer additional UV protection.

Are Ceramic Coatings Cost Effective?

You may look at the initial investment of using a ceramic coating as being on the high side. However, if you compare the long-term cost with the usage of wax, you will discover that it is more cost effective.

For example, if you get a wax for $200 and you will have to apply it 4 times in a year. This will amount to $800 annually and $4000 in 5 years. If you use a ceramic coating that costs about $1,500, you will be saving $2,500 in the course of 5 years. In addition, the protection that your car paint will get is incomparable.

Ceramic Coating Myths

According to BestnetReview, There are some myths connected to ceramic coatings and it is very essential to treat them so that you will be able to have a clear picture of them. Here are some of these myths and how they are demystified.

Ceramic Coatings Are Scratch Proof

Ceramic coatings are scratch-proof, especially small scratches. However, you should not expect them to protect your paint against rock chips hitting your car when you are on a high speed or when someone deliberately scratches it.

Ceramic Coatings Don’t Require Maintenance

Even though you will have to carry out less washing and maintenance when you use a ceramic coating, you still need to maintain it. This will help in boosting its performance and longevity.

Car Coatings Are Permanent

Well, since they can last for about 5 years, it is not ideal to say that their result is permanent. If a 5-year coverage is permanent enough for you, so be it.


DIY ceramic coating can be the solution to unnecessary paint scratches. However, you must ensure that you get a product of high quality so that you will be able to get the best result.