6 Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed


Are you moving into your first home and need to kit out your kitchen? Or are you looking for a few nifty kitchen tools to include on your wish list? Perhaps you’re shopping for a gift for an upcoming housewarming party? No matter what your reason for reading this article is, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone knows about the basic tools that every kitchen needs to have, but what about those less obvious items that might not be essential—but that make the life of the person using it 10 times better?

From awesome appliances to great gadgets, we’ll be shedding some light on the 6 kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed.

6 Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer machine is a truly fabulous machine. It removes all of the air from a bag and melts the top of it to close it securely. But how is this helpful?

Well, by using a food vacuum sealer you’re keeping your food fresher for longer, increasing your fridge or cupboard space, all the while protecting your frozen food from freezer burn.

You can also use a vacuum sealer to marinate meats, portion foods for meal planning, for sous vide cooking and even for shopping in bulk.

Air Fryer

Air fryers are perfect for people who enjoy fried foods but feel guilty about the oil used to make it. An air fryer cooks food the exact same way a convection oven does, by circulating hot air.

Among many other dishes, you can enjoy cooking up a storm of French fries, chicken, burgers, bacon, fish and even doughnuts in an air fryer.

An air fryer allows you to enjoy fried food without the oil, doesn’t produce that typical fried food smell and when you operate it you won’t be exposed to heat the same way you would be when using a regular oven or frying pan.

Pan Trivet

In a nutshell, a pan trivet is a heat-resistant object that is placed between your table and the hot pot or pan that’s holding your food.

A pan trivet will protect your table and countertop from heat damage as well as from the risk of stains. On top of its protective component, a pan trivet can also act as a decorative aspect on your table.

Pan trivets are typically made from cast iron, stainless steel, silicone or bamboo and range in design from strong & sturdy to extendable & flexible.

Salad Spinner

A salad spinner is a fantastic tool for those of you who consume plenty of leafy greens. As the name implies, salad spinners are used to wash and remove excess water from leaf vegetables.

Salad spinners reduce the time it takes to prepare your salads, won’t damage or bruise your vegetables, can wash and dry leafy greens of different sizes & help your salad dressing to stick better.

On top of washing and drying leaf vegetables, a salad spinner can be used with herbs, berries, cruciferous vegetables and canned goods such as beans or brined vegetables.

Jar Spoon

A jar spoon is a simple solution to a common annoyance: not being able to get that last little bit of something out of the jar. Jar spoons typically feature an extra-long, thin handle and a flattened spatula head.

Jar spoons are made of either stainless steel, just like a regular spoon, or silicone for added flexibility to reach those extra difficult spots in jars. While definitely not classed an essential item, we can’t help but be excited by this simple idea that will reduce annoyance AND unnecessary wastage.

Jar spoons can be used to scoop out the remnants of jam, honey, Nutella, peanut butter, sauces and pretty much anything that is stored in a traditional narrow-necked jar.

Mandoline Slicer

If you’re one of those people who hate the prep work that comes with preparing meals, you’ll love the mandoline slicer. A mandoline slicer is the big brother to the vegetable slicer.

Mandoline slicers work just like a traditional vegetable slicer except that it is adjustable. It can beautifully julienne almost any kind of vegetable no matter its size or thickness.

A mandoline slicer will dramatically reduce your prep time, ensures vegetables are cut evenly and can help you take your garnishing game up a few levels.

Final Thoughts

These six kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed are bound to either make your life easier or make one heck of a gift!

From nifty tools like a jar spoon that’ll take some of life’s little annoyances away, to vacuum sealers that will preserve the life of your food, reduce wastage and save you money—we’re surprised these tools aren’t a staple in every kitchen.

Which one of these kitchen tools will you be investing in today? Let us know in the comments section below.