Playing Bingo on Mobile: Everything You Need to Know


Bingo is one of the most popular games on the planet, and with the advent of the internet and mobile gaming, it has only become bigger. With the help of technology, bingo has also been able to expand, giving players far more variants and ways to win.

If you want to start enjoying and playing mobile bingo, here is everything you need to know about the different modes, jackpots, and ways to win.

Mobile Bingo Game Variations

  • Regular bingo

If you love bingo, you already know about the standard format. For those who are unaware, a standard game of bingo involves individual, random balls being drawn and players marking the numbers off on their cards.

If you complete a row, either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, you are the winner for that round. In most online games, you will win either a set amount or an amount you bet.

  • Speed bingo

Speed bingo is similar to regular but played much faster. However, your cards are 3×3, and you only play with 30 balls. This is the perfect game for those who want a quick hit of bingo during their coffee or lunch break.

  • Death bingo

This incredibly fun variation on bingo isn’t very common, but if you come across it, you have to play. Instead of being the first person to fill a line and win, death bingo involves being the last person standing.

Balls are drawn the same way they are in a regular game, with players marking the numbers off on their cards. The winner of a game of death bingo is the last person to have an open square on their card.

  • Slingo

Slingo is another bingo variant that has grown in popularity. It is a combination of bingo and slots and uses parts of both games to create a unique and exciting game that anyone can play.

Playing Slingo is easy. You are given a card and three slot reels on your screen. Spinning the slot reels will reveal the numbers you can then mark off. Prizes vary greatly between operators, but Slingo is so easy to learn and play that it is one of the best variants out there.

  • Bonanza bingo

Bonanza is another unique variant of the classic game that is popular amongst groups and those who love an ever-growing progressive jackpot. To start, 43 or 48 balls are drawn, either all even, odd, or the first 43 or 48 balls drawn.

Players will then mark off all the numbers that are drawn on their cards; if there is a bingo, the round ends. If there is no bingo, a single ball will be drawn until there is one. Jackpots usually increase with each new ball drawn, making bonanza bingo incredibly exciting.

  • Keno

While Keno is not strictly a bingo variation, it is close enough to be considered one. Not only is Keno one of the most popular table games, but it is also one of the most popular casino games, right up there with poker, blackjack, and slots.

To play Keno, you are given a card with numbered squares, and you will then bet on which numbers will be drawn; a maximum of 20 are usually allowed. 20 numbers are then drawn, and players win prizes depending on how many they bet on and got right; a player who bet on two and got two wouldn’t win the same prize as someone who bet on 10 and got 10.

Different jackpots

While there are multiple types of bingo games you can play on mobile, there are also different jackpots. While jackpot types can vary, the three most common ones are fixed, progressive, and community.

  • Fixed

A fixed jackpot is fairly self-explanatory and is most likely the one you will come across the most. If a player wins a game, they will win a certain amount, and if they win again, you will win the same amount.

Fixed jackpots don’t tend to change and will stay the same if you are playing against one person or 100.

  • Progressive

On the other hand, progressive jackpots are designed to become more and more enticing the longer nobody wins. If you have been in a casino, you would have probably seen the jackpot for a slot machine go up the longer people play without a win.

While progressive jackpots aren’t very common, you can typically find them in casinos and casino apps.

  • Community

Finally, community jackpots are designed to ensure that a lot of people leave with something. While the person who gets the bingo will win the biggest, the games can usually continue and find a second, third, fourth, and so on until a placed winner.

Once again, community jackpots aren’t that common, but they are a great way to win a reward or prize, even if it is a small one.