Online Advertising Strategies For Roofing Companies


One of the most profitable businesses you can invest in is roofing business as long as you have what it takes to make profits. One major way to make profits is to devise marketing strategies that will advertise your business on the internet.

Today, many people are involved in the business, thereby making it more competitive. How do you now stand out among your competitors? You can stand out by making use of different online marketing strategies for roofing companies.

This article provides for you different online marketing strategies you should make use of as a roofing company. These strategies include the following:

Take Advantage of Social Media

One of the best online place to get notice for your roofing business is making use of social media strategy. Many people are actively involved on the social media and this can make your roofing company to have  excellent roofing leads. Making use the social media helps to increase your content visibility, to build credibility among your followers and can create a sense of reciprocity among your company and customers via the sharing of valuable advice and tips.

Source For Customers’ Reviews

Potential customers tends to believe what past customers say about your roofing company. It is said that 88% of clients trust reviews. The best way to get your past customers talking is by asking for reviews from them. Such reviews can then be posted on your website or on social media like Facebook. In fact, Facebook reviews are growing in importance these days. Other way to request for reviews from customers is by sending a personal email to them after the completion of a project.

Strike A Deal With Related Contractors

As a roofing contractor, you shouldn’t be working in isolation most especially if you are looking for roofing leads. Striking a deal with other related contractors is an important online strategy you can make use of. You can meet these contractors to refer customers with roof damages to you via their website. This can be achieved through the use of back links on their webs that will lead to your web.

Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the oldest online marketing strategies for roofing companies. Nevertheless, it is still an active player in roofing lead generation. Google Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) statistics have it that 60% of customers have made a purchase after reading a blog post. However, there are many factors that will affect how your blog generates leads, some of which include the posting of high quality content on your blog, posting of valuable tips and  advice on your blog etc.

Send Email to Customers and Potential Customers

Another active lead-generating online advertising strategies for roofing companies is the use of email listing. Google Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) statistics also have it that email marketing strategy produces the highest return on investment (ROI). For each dollar spent on an email list, about $50 is is usually generated. To your potential customers, you can email them and inform them about your roofing business. Also, you can send email about roof maintenance to your customers with links directing them back to your website or blog.

Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making use of SEO on your blog will set your roofing company aside among other competitors. When you make use of the best SEO techniques, you are likely to be generating excellent roofing leads. SEO will allow you to make use of localized keywords in your page, link out to authority site to improve your reputation, to create powerful content that will attracts more customers etc.

Join The Growing Community

As a roofing expert, it is expected from you to join the growing community of home contractors. Even though you are likely to pay a certain fee, it actually worth it because of the the strong network you will build. Being a member also makes it easy to build partnership and referral networks. For example, you might agree to refer customers to a landscaper who will in turn refer customers with roof damage to your websites or blog.

Make Your Customer Stick By Using Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a snippet of code generated solely by Facebook. This pixel will allow you to reconnect with your potential customers. This is because it is assumed that many of the visitors to your web will not be committed on their first visit. Facebook however, will allow you to place Ads so that a customer that once visited your web can be redirected when he or she sees your Ads on Facebook.

There are many roofing marketing pros as long as you make use of the appropriate online marketing strategies for roofing companies. There are lots of competitors out there and the only way to stand out is by being smart in the marketing world.