10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe


Are you dreaming of having a trip to Europe? Europe comes with the most stunning places in the entire world. Europe is full of mountains, fields, limestone cliffs, and beaches. You will find most of the great mountains in Europe. The mountain views are stunning. The waterfalls, midnight sun in Finland, and hiking are worth watching. We want to take a look at the most stunning places in Europe. If you want to see all the wonders in Europe, you have to know about the stunning places in Europe.

10 most beautiful places to visit in Europe

Europe is heaven for wanderlust. There is no other place in the entire world, like Europe. The entire Europe is full of fabulous places. The view and scenes are breath-taking. We want to make you know about the beautiful places where you can explore.

1Positano, Italy

The colorful city is a trendy spot for travelers. Streets are colorful in Postino. Several gift shops, pricey restaurants, gelaterias, and hotels have made the streets aesthetic to look. But the hordes and inflated prices of tourists have made it a quiet city. The seaside villages are so pleasing. You will find a lot of colorful photos of the Positano city on Instagram. Millions of photos are on the internet where Positano is tagged as the location. This city is one of the best cities in Europe. It is one of the attractive destinations for tourists worldwide. Positano is a great spot to take a selfie and great shots. The Positano in Italy is a must visiting spot for tourists.

2Mont Saint Michel

The monument that is the most visited spot after the Eifel tower is The Mont Saint Michel. It is not so populated. It is great to spend your holidays and stay in Mont Saint Michel. Mont Saint Michel offers a lot to travel. This city is one of the most visited spots in France. It receives millions of travelers every year. This iconic island can be one of your memorable trips. The city is full of worth visiting sites. The museums and churches are great to see. You can enjoy your tour at its fullest. If you are ready to go to the Mont Saint Michel, get into all the top places. All this attraction ensures that your trip will be successful.

3Cotswolds, England

Cotswolds is one of the prettiest towns. All the famous towns and cities are in the Cotswolds. The stone buildings are honey-colored. If you explore the Cotswolds, it will be a great experience for you. You can get the taste of local markets and shopping. Besides, you can enjoy the historic market towns like the Tetbury, Stroud, Tewkesbury, and Cirencester. The Regency Cheltenham spa, historic waterfront, the world-class horse racing is part of the main attractions of Cotswolds. You will enjoy the stylish shopping with impressive architecture. The Snowshill and Painswick nestle village at the hillside will make your tour delightful. Besides, there are plenty of villages and towns to explore for tourists. The amazing holiday cottages of England are found in the Cotswolds. You will experience really some unique treasures that you have never thought of before.

4Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is filled with a series of gorgeous waterfalls and lakes. The city is surrounded with breathe taking coastal views. You can enjoy a boat journey on the lake. You will admire the amazing views of the coastline of Croatia. You can take the panorama shots of the green mountains. You can walk beside the fantastic lakes and waterfalls. The waterfalls in the National park are undoubtedly the most beautiful. The Korana River is worth visiting. There are traditional restaurants for you to enjoy after you return from your tour. You have already seen the stunning photos of the Plitvice Lakes National Park on Instagram. This park looks like something out of your imagination. The scenic beauty of this park allows you to take incredible photos. You can spend the entire day at this UNESCO world heritage site. If you travel to Croatia, do not miss to explore the National park.

5Rhine waterfalls, Switzerland

Waterfalls are amazing. They create a breath-taking view. One of the largest waterfalls is in Switzerland. The Rhine waterfall is in the Northeast part of Switzerland. The boat trips, restaurants, and adventure parks are the main attractions of the Rhine waterfalls. It is the biggest waterfall in Switzerland. This waterfall is the main attraction of the entire Switzerland. The country receives countless travelers every year. You can enjoy the boat ride to the falls. The fall creates a mesmerizing view. The waterfall is not so high, but it is very wide. The view is so impressive. If you visit the waterfall once, you will fall in love with waterfalls. You can enjoy short trips by boat. The boat riding is enthralling. You will be super excited to travel to the Rhine waterfall if you have seen photos of the falls. You will never want to miss the chance to travel to the majestic waterfall.

6Dordogne Valley

The Dordogne valley is in the Southwestern part of France. There are beautiful communities and historic sites in the valley. Why is the Dordogne valley attractive? The entire area is full of hills, old villages, small towns, and castles. The Vezere valley, Chateau Castelnaud, and medieval-period Sarlat are the top attractions of the Dordogne valley. This spot has fascinated British travelers. The coastal villages are worth watching. Most of the villages are in the Dordogne valley. There is so much to discover for you. There are a lot of reasons that have made this spot as one of the top traveling spots. It is attractive, as most of the traveling attractions worldwide. There are a huge number of small towns and villages in the Dordogne valley. You can experience the local culture of the spot. The picturesque small towns are more enjoyable.

7Douro Valley, Portugal

The Douro valley should be on your top list. You will find every corner mysterious. There is a huge attraction waiting for you in the Douro valley. It is on the West side of Portugal. The city is known as one of the popular places to spend holidays for people. It is known as the crowned jewels of Portugal. There is plenty of unique landscape. You have already seen a lot of excellent photos of the Douro valley on the internet. The largest river Douro runs by the Duruelo de la Sierra. The sunset at the bank of this river creates a mesmerizing view. It is great to take photos of visitors. Douro Valley is well known worldwide for the red wine. The wine-producing firm covers most of the landscape. The wine-producing firms are known as Quintas. It will be a great trip for you to get across the fantastic picturesque area.

8Lake Balaton, Hungary

The largest lake in entire Europe is located in Hungary. It is one of the top destinations for most of the tourists. It is in the Southwest part of Budapest. It provides a large overflow of water. Various plants and animal life surrounds the lake. There is a National park where there are mountains and hills. You can take panorama shots. The splendid view of the lake is eye soothing. The blue, green body of the lake is excellent for swimming. The water seems so mild that you will want to swim. Besides, you can go for kite surfing, paddle boarding, dragon boating, sailing, and windsurfing. Travelers come to have a visit every year. The lake looks great during summer. If you are a music lover, foodie, and water sports fan, you can be at this lake. It is known as a great traveling spot for the people out of the region.



You can discover the treasures and charms of Venice city. Venice city in Italy is a dream destination for most of the wanderlust. Travelers from all countries over the world come to see the beautiful landscape of Venice with their eyes. If you want to travel to the top destinations of Venice, you have to know about the top landmarks and attractions. The world-famous San Marco Square is in Venice that you should not miss exploring. The Golden House is one of the oldest palaces in Venice. It is one of the most amazing buildings. The palace is very impressive. You will see four bridges in Venice. The Rialto Bridge is world-famous. It crosses the Grand Canal. The place where tourists arrive most of the time is the Piazza San Marco. This square has turned into the central point of Venice city. Both the local people and tourists gather at this place. You can enjoy your tour at its fullest if you know about different spots the Venice city.


The Keukenhof is a spectacular flower field in the Netherlands. This flower garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. You can see different flowers and tulips in this flower field. More than seven million flowers bloom in this garden. The beautiful flower garden creates a spectacular view of Keukenhof. You will enjoy everything unique in the flower fields. The weekly flower changing show, various pavilions, and flower changing shows will give you more chances to take great photos. There is a common question that comes in people’s mind that what is the best time to visit the Keukenhof. The flower fields are great to see every day. All the fields show colorful flowers. These flower fields are a top attraction for tourists from most of the countries. The flower fields cover more than 32 hectares of land. If you are going to travel to the Keukenhof flower garden, you can take enough pictures in this garden.

We have covered all the mesmerizing places in Europe that you can visit. We have chosen only ten places from the entire Europe to let you show. All of these places will make you speechless with the breath-taking views. Do not forget to take your camera with you because these photos will keep your memory alive with your photos. Take amazing shots.