Maison 21G CEO and Founder Johanna Monange on Fragrances


The majority of us are conscious of scent’s influence. The calming scents of Ylang Ylang ease us into our spa treatment; these well-known scents take us back in time to reacquaint us with a certain person or location.

Every mood, every situation, and every individual may find the best fragrance. Despite this, the perfume business hasn’t developed as much as it might, mostly selling products that are one size fits all and sacrificing quality for profit. Johanna Monange has made it her goal to alter this.

Johanna Monange spent more than 20 years in the industry, working in Shanghai, Paris and other locations in Asia. She wanted a career where she could combine her appreciation for aromas with her moral principles. The goal of Maison 21G is to restore the foundations of true “parfumerie.” Based on the firm conviction that simplicity is the height of luxury and that scent is, above all else, a matter of personal preference, Maison 21G gives customers the freedom to select from and combine natural and sustainable essences, giving them the means to not only create the ideal bespoke scent wardrobe but also to gain knowledge about each distinct aroma. Whether it completing Johanna’s AI-powered smell personality test, participating in a perfume-making workshop, or simply having a brief talk

Today, Maison 21G is succeeding in its objective to “capture their spirit in a bottle by converting luxury scents into a really creative experience” and to “make everyone a scent creator.” Asia has evolved into Maison’s main market, with two flagship locations in Singapore and sales partnerships with significant players in the cosmetics industry like Sephora around the region. The company also has a successful online presence, which has experienced a significant increase in its global client base.

In order to gain insight into and a deeper understanding of Johanna’s beauty habits, we had a conversation with her in Singapore.

The Scent Deep Dive

What advantages does perfume provide (apart from making you smell nice)?

We recall 35% of what we smell but just 5% of what we see, making scent our most potent sense. Thus, your own scent might convey information about you to others. When produced from natural substances, they also have the capacity to affect various parts of our brains. For instance, lavender is incredibly calming, while vanilla is pacifying and mildly erotic. They may also have physical advantages; for instance, ginger and rose are both recognized to reduce cellulite.

What smells work best to…

  • To be assured… Something earthy, like sandalwood or vetiver.
  • To feel sexy… certainly amber!
  • To feel calm and energized… neroli and orange flower, or lavender.
  • To feel reinvigorated… Ginger, tobacco, or bergamot.

Your go-to beauty and odour habits for unwinding at home?

I enjoy moisturizing first, then taking a hot shower and exfoliating, drying off quickly in the sun, lighting a scented candle, or spritzing a calming fragrance. Then I concentrate on my face, using a straightforward face cleanse, a serum, and a mask. I always put on one of my fragrances, whatever aroma best suits my mood, to complete the process.
We recall 35% of what we smell but just 5% of what we see, making scent our most potent sense.

The Beauty Haul

What beauty routines or treatments must you perform before a trip?

I always take care to dress appropriately (I never want to seem unpresentable on the airline) and to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before and throughout the flight.

How do you modify your beauty routine while you’re on the road?

I seldom do because my large bag of cosmetics and perfumes generally fills half of my baggage unless I am traveling with little more than a carry-on. I detest stopping my beauty routine since it is like a ritual to me. I will, however, occasionally give up my body cream and use the hotel brand when I have to.

Do you prefer to bring travel-size cosmetics or full-size essentials?  Why?

Unquestionably full-size. My regular cosmetic routine helps me feel more at home, especially while I’m away at work. I also always bring the perfect travel-sized hotel perfume every time I travel.

Do you follow a normal beauty regimen when flying?

Since I typically have to rush from appointment to meet, the first thing I do before I go on the plane and put on comfortable clothes, remove my makeup and apply a tone of moisturizing serum and cream infused with essential oils like a rose.

I detest stopping my beauty regimen since it’s like a ritual to me.

How do you relax when you’re on the road?

I often combine a peaceful facial washing process, rose-scented lotion, and a sheet mask in my room with a quick trip to the spa when I can. I like running as well.

How do you get over jet lag after you arrive?

I make every effort to avoid jet lag since I detest it. I always try to go for a run as soon as I get off the aircraft when I arrive during the day to help me wake up. Staying awake, getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and rising up early are crucial for me as I attempt to acclimate to the new time zone from day one. Natural sleep aids like melatonin, a soothing massage, or just working hard and exhausting myself typically help a lot.

Which nation do you prefer to purchase locally produced cosmetics?

Undoubtedly Korea! I really enjoyed working with innovative beauty teams in Seoul and discovering all of the city’s unique firms; the city’s ingenuity and variety are incredible. I always return from a vacation with far too many new goods and several samples.

What spa resort has so far been your favorite getaway?

Oman’s The Six Senses. In addition to being in a stunning position close to a lake and a stunning mountain, the spa uses only sustainable and all-natural products.
For a weekend escape in Singapore, the Capella Hotel’s spa is fantastic.

What is your best travel beauty advice?

You should definitely increase your hydration and make sure your skin is immaculate before the airplane takes off. A facial followed by a Hammam treatment just after landing might also be beneficial. Additionally, I believe it’s crucial to have a regular exercise schedule and a healthy diet. Eating a lot of vegetables and paying attention to your blood circulation may both be very beneficial.

What’s on your wish list for beauty products right now?

I enjoy experimenting with new items and am still seeking something to top my list; at the present, I’m looking for additional goods made with premium essential oils!