Feng Shui: How to Save the Good Qi from Your Bathroom

bathroom design

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline, based on the movement of the omnipresent energy called Qi. Qi moves with air and can be collected with water, and can be good or bad, depending on how it moves. In order to bring prosperity and abundance into your home, you need to turn the bad Qi into good by controlling its movement. And since bathrooms tend to drain the positive or good Qi from your home, they are a good place to start implementing the rules of Feng Shui. Here is how.

Close off all Qi exit pointsClose off all Qi exit points

This means that you should do whatever it takes to prevent the good Qi from being drained by your bathroom. Keeping the bathroom door closed at all times is a good place to start. Also, putting up a mirror on the bathroom door might be a good idea, since it will help the good Qi bounce back into your home, rather than enter the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, keep the toilet lid closed and all the drains covered or plugged when not in use. This will allow the Qi to stay in your home, instead of being drained out of it. If you have any shower or window curtains, make sure they aren’t torn. If they are, get new ones as soon as possible.

Bathroom fixtures

Your sink, shower, bath and toilet deliver water to and eliminate it from your home. The toilet is the one that differs from the others, since it is only used to eliminate waste using water. On the other hand, the sink, shower and bath have cleansing properties, since they remove any debris or dirt from your body or your bathroom, clearing out your personal Qi in the process. This means there are renewing properties in these three fixtures. So, feel free to install the bath you like, whether it’s an elegant freestanding bath or a concealed one, as long as it’s maintained in accordance with Feng Shui rules, your faucets aren’t leaking and your toilet isn’t running.

Air and lightAir and light

Make sure there’s plenty of light and fresh air in your bathroom. You can achieve this with windows or skylights. It’s important that you air your bathroom out regularly by opening the windows. If there aren’t any windows in your bathroom, open the door for a few minutes after you take a shower or a bath, but keep the toilet seat down during this time. Also, if you don’t have a bathroom window to provide you with natural light, get light bulbs which simulate natural light to increase good energy. Also, hang a mirror or even several of them if you’d like. Just be careful not to place a big mirror where it can reflect the toilet, meaning that you shouldn’t see your whole body when sitting on the toilet. Mirrors placed in that manner can multiply the dirty and bad energy.

Keep everything clean

You need to clean your bathroom regularly, especially your toilet, but also your other fixtures. They need to be spotless, as do your bathroom windows and mirrors. Clean your tiles, too, and always be thorough, to avoid dust or any other dirt lingering in your bathroom. Never allow any clutter in your bathroom and keep it well organized. Once everything is perfectly tidy, fresh and hygienic, bring in some scented candles or essential oils, as well as some flowers, potted plants or artwork to enrich your bathroom space for better energy.

Mind your colors

Mind your colors

There are certain colors and color combinations that can minimize the bad bathroom Qi. For example, if you place a red or black rug around your toilet base, you will counter the effect of too much water by inviting fire, which will then prevent any wealth loss from your home. Other colors for good Qi include gray, cream, beige, green and light blue.

So, follow these tips to keep your home in balance and good energy inside it. Use the rules of Feng Shui to prosper in all aspects of your life and to keep the bad energy at bay.