Mac or PC for Business – Which is Better?


If you have or plan to have your own business you will definitely need computers for you and your team. But what computer to choose for business – Mac or PC? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each one while considering their usability for business?

If you talked with some Mac or PC users they would say that they never will change their computer to others. When it comes to Mac versus usual PC everyone has strong opinions, so it makes it even harder to decide which computer to choose for business purposes.

Some businesses let their employees choose what computer they want to work with. This could be one way how to motivate your employees. But don’t forget that if employees choose their computers independently – it can cost you a lot.

If you are still considering which computer, Mac or PC buy for your business – this article is for you.

Operating Systems

If you are looking for the tips which are better – you should first think about employee preferences to the operating systems. Of course, the operating system is the key difference between Mac and PC. It’s not only the functions we are talking about, but it’s also about the visual difference. Especially, if we are talking about laptops.

Usually, Macs are more consistent with their looks and every Mac computer looks more or less the same. Even with the newest updates (for example Catalina), they just look almost the same). PCs can come in various different designs depending on what brand a computer is. If you are thinking about the future and considering renewing your computer inventory regularly, it can be harder to adapt for your employees every time you change their work device.

So here are a few things you need to consider about Macs and PCs before buying these computers for your staff.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about buying a lot of computers – the price. All computers require some expenses, but in this case, it is possible that Mac computers will require more than usual. All Mac computers (even tablets or phones) are expensive and it is considered as a luxury good. When it comes to Macs, you don’t really have a choice – you either are determined to buy a laptop and pay around $1000, or you don’t buy Mac devices.

In this case PCs are more flexible in price. For example, if you have a budget of about $400 for one laptop, you can choose from a few computers in the market that will work just fine. If you have a budget of about $500 for one laptop, you will get to choose from an even wider selection.


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The important thing you should also consider before buying Macs or PCs is to weigh-up how much maintenance they could require.

Because PCs vary in prices, the quality of PCs can vary too. There are a lot of companies that manufacture PCs – one offers more expensive and higher quality product, other offers less quality but lower price. If you are planning to buy really cheap computers, have in mind that they can require much more additional attention and more maintenance. More maintenance – more expenses every month.

Macs usually require low maintenance and they are also known as not so popular targets for hackers, so when thinking about the future – it may be a smart choice. You will pay big money once, but after that, you will need almost no expenses to Macs maintenance.


You should also consider what kind of design is appropriate for your business. If you are selling luxury goods for a customer, who enjoys luxury life and with whom you or your employees often have meetings – you should consider going with Macs. Comparing with other even more PCs than Macs, Macs still feel more luxurious and stylish. Vibrant bright colors and high-quality visual side of Macs helps to create that fancy feeling.

Comparing with Macs, PCs have many more design options. A lot of companies manufacture PCs and the looks vary from brand to brand. If you want everyone in your company to have a computer with the looks that fit them the best – you may think of buying PCs and let your employees choose what brand.

How you can give more flexibility to your employees

If your staff is divided between Macs and PCs, you can provide them with more flexibility by letting them choose the operating system. For example, if they don’t like Windows operating system – you can let them install Linux or Ubuntu operating systems.

As you see, these are the main things you should consider before buying Macs or PCs for your business. If you are not sure which computers to buy – don’t be afraid to talk with computer specialists and your employees. Also, don’t forget to consider what is most appropriate for your business – for example, whether it is important for you to show your high status or not. It may be a difficult choice, but keep in mind that computers that you will buy should serve your employees for a long time.