Liquid Filtration – The Adsorb-it Way

Liquid Filtration

The total amount of oil lost to the environment in the year 2020 was approximately 1000 tonnes. Accidental oil spills can be harmful to humans. They have negative impacts on aquatic life, wildlife, the economy, the environment, and many other facets of life. Even accidental industrial oil spills however small are dangerous. They can happen in multiple circumstances-

  • While storing – Oil has different uses in the industrial arena. It is stored for its purposes by organizations sometimes in high amounts. And during the said storage the oil can spill.
  • During transportation – A large quantity of oil is transported every day to and from different locations. During transportation, there might be an oil spill due to faulty vehicles or sometimes due to a road accident, etc.
  • During road runoff – All of the vehicles leak very small quantities of oil, seemingly harmless but as harmful because the small quantities add up to a harmful level.
  • During routine maintenance – The cleaning of ships and oil tankers can release a small amount of oil into the environment. This can also add up considering the number of vehicles that need to be maintained continually.
  • Offshore drilling – When drilling happens deep into the sea bed or at wrong spots then due to the pressure of the earth’s crust, the oil can spill in larger quantities and can affect marine life as well as the environment.
  • During handling – The oil needs to be transferred into different vessels during its usage in the industry. It can spill with just small negligence or human error.

Although some of the circumstantial spills might seem too small to care but looking at the sheer size of these spills, the amount of oil spilled adds up and causes harm to the environment.

Most of the oil spills that happen daily can be handled using the amazing product line of Adsorb-it. This astonishing product line comprises of-

  • Adsorb-it Wipes

These are fabric wipes in the size of 15” X15” and are reusable. They can absorb 15-20 times of their weight in oil. The recovered oil can be recycled and wipes can be laundered to reuse.

  • Mini-surfer

This product is designed to be used in sumps and bilges. They have a grommet at each end and can be interconnected.

  • Adsorb-it Filtration Fabric

This fabric is made of recyclable industrial waste fibers and can be used to filter oil from liquids. The water can pass through it at great speed and at the same time oil is collected in the fabric.

  • Boom cover

The boom cover is made of liquid filtration fabric and is designed to be used with floatation booms 5 inches in diameter and 10 feet long.

  • Shore Guard “Dumbo Surfer”

It is designed to be used in turbulent waters and light surf. These can be interconnected and towed through a release to retain released oils, sheen, and oil-borne contaminants.

  • Vault Maintenance System

A vault maintenance system is a form of easy-to-use filter sock that allows you to evacuate underground utility vaults. It even filters out the rust color from water so that it does not stain the roads.

  • Filter Socks

These are various sized liquid filtration fabrics to filter oil, oil sheen, and oil contaminants.

The above-mentioned products include a few more such as Centipede, Hula Bug, Filter Boom, Boom & Dock Curtain, Contour Ditch Boom, Oil Sweep, etc. All these stunning products can be used to do our small part in preventing any more oil spills into the environment and cleaning up a few. Adsorb-it makes it possible to care for the environment and to be able to do something about it with its liquid filtration products.