Jewelry, Can You Really Only Choose a Big Name?


I believe that many friends will like to buy big brands when they buy jewelry, but when they look at the price of the counter, they feel very distressed. Looking back at many privately-designed studios, manufacturers or designers on the market, they feel that the price gap is big, but they will feel uncomfortable when they buy a bargain, but is this really the case?

In fact, people who specialize in the field of jewelry will not value the brand, because all the jewelry in the world has the same source, whether it is diamond or red sapphire or turquoise or other precious stones, etc., the same where any brand or wholesaler gets the goods. The wholesale price is also very transparent. After the purchase comes back, get it in the factory, ask the factory to make the style that you need, put on your own LOGO and then become the product of your own brand.

Choose Jewelry for Women

When choosing jewelry for women, the brand is not the first to value. Then in the field of buying jewelry, we should pay more attention to the following aspects:

Jewelry style

Whether the style is their favorite, the market is very much different styles of jewelry, and everyone has their favorite style, and everyone buy jewelry at first glance is also the design style. No matter what brand, as long as this style is your favorite, it is good.

The price

For brand jewelry, and private custom is not the same, the price of private custom selling is raw materials and a little manual fee, which is what we call gold + work + stone (gold, gems, craft fees), It is also the price of a jewelry itself, and the brand’s jewelry, because of brand operating expenses, store rent, labor, salesman commissions, etc., all ordinary three-line brands will be about twice as high as the cost price.


We must pay attention to the material when buying jewelry. For the accessories of the ring or necklace, because the gold is very soft, it is also called soft gold, and can not be inlaid with gems, so the accessories of the general gems will choose hard gold, the common one is 18K gold, and the 14K gold is also useful. Among them, 18K gold is gold with about 75% gold, and the gold content of 14K gold is very low. We should not be cheated while other take 14K gold as 18K gold.

Buy jewelry according to budget

Buying jewellery is more about your choice. Brand is a kind of guarantee. Although it is more expensive, it will at least not worry about fake goods. Brand jewellery also has custom-made models. It is a style designed by some big-name designers, so it is still necessary to have a budget on buying jewelry, and choose according to your own budget.

Within your own budget, as long as you can guarantee the authenticity of the purchased women’s jewelry online materials, whether you buy a brand or private custom, it is a good choice.

And if you can guarantee the material of natural gemstones and real gold, I believe that more people must choose the good-looking styles that don’t care about the brand.
Everyone has their own preferences, there will be a variety of different styles of jewelry, it is undeniable that brand jewelry is the forefront of grasping the popular and popular aesthetics, just as Cartier’s jewelry is still popular for a hundred years, or many people all like the classic popular screw bracelets, even if a small part feels that the price is so high and the appearance is not nice, it does not affect its sales.

When shopping for a 22k gold mens bracelet, consider visiting reputable jewelers or online retailers specializing in gold jewelry. They can provide you with a range of options and guide you in selecting the right bracelet that suits your style and budget.

Private custom-made stores for individual styles;

Nowadays, almost every city has a private custom-made shop. If such a store has a good reputation in the local area, it can be customized. You can customize it according to your own requirements. On the basis of the big-name jewellery style, you can design it according to your own. Personalized customization, this is your own exclusive jewelry, the future of such design jewelry is also a popular trend.

In fact, for the costumes, we need to find the style that matches our own style. The jewels are the same. The clothes and the overall gas field are in line with each other. Just like the casual dress girl chooses casual jewelry, the girl who goes to work chooses the geometric streamline. More versatile love jewelry for women, as long as you find the right style is the most beautiful jewels, a lot of beautiful jewels, maybe a few of them for you, you can make your temperament more colorful after you find it, and become the focus of everyone’s attention. – My Name Necklace