10 Tips To Organize Your Pantry Cabinet

pantry cabinet

If you have ever watched fancy cooking shows and TV series where the pantry cabinet look like something out of your wildest dreams, look no further. It does not take a whole lot to make your pantry spruce up.

How do you organize a pantry cabinet?

We have brought together a list of tips that are used even in professional kitchen pantry cabinet, and it will absolutely change the way you decorate. Let’s get down to some organizing.

Slim Bins

If the shelf size of your pantry cabinet is large and you are not using it, this is just a waste of space. Buy slim bins that fit the height of your shelf so you can save more space. You cannot only fit more volume of goods onto the shelf, but they will also look extraordinarily organized and orderly when you compare it to using small containers that take up half of the rack and look uncoordinated. You can put the more frequently used items like rice, beans, lentils in these containers. Buy them in bulk and store them to the brim.

Hang Mits

Do you have lots of kitchen accessories that have nowhere to go? Don’t leave it hanging out on the kitchen counter or tabletop. By adding some mits on the side of the pantry door, you can easily hang your towels, aprons, mitts. This way, you do not have to allocate a separate storing space for all of your accessory items. They are also extremely easy to grab. When you are done using them, simply hang them back on the Mits and spend much less time organizing later.


If you are storing for the long haul, there is always going to be stuff that gets to the back of the pantry and never comes out. Some of your less frequently utilized items fall in this category. As a result, when you need them, you are always running to the store to buy new ones because you simply can’t find them. Put these items in pop-up drawers to have easy access and have complete visibility of everything in your pantry cabinet.

Stock Pouches and Packets

Pouches and packets can take up a lot of space. They are filled with a lot of air and can be asymmetric, so stacking them is really not an option. Throwing them in a drawer haphazardly can end up crushing the delicate goods. There is an easy solution to this. You can buy some caddies or Velcro for an extremely low price at Costco or some other retailer. They make for excellent wall organizers that can hold light pouches or packets which would otherwise get lost under heavy packages and end up getting damaged. This will also ensure that whatever is inside the package does not spill out.


If you have ever wondered what to do about the large space under the cabinet on your floor, don’t just put your nonessentials in there. This is the space that can be a little hard to get to. You want to keep things here that you are not going to use every day, for example, reusable items. You can buy, create or even utilize the Cardboard boxes at home to make for long time storage.

Zip Ties

Don’t be weirded out by zip ties. Whether it is very less frequently used utensils or something you use pretty much every day, utilizing the loop at the end of the utensils to tie in a zip tie will make them easy for hanging. There are plenty of hooks that should be already in your pantry. If not, you can just add some. This way, you can quickly grab them on the go when it is needed. No need to take off the zip ties even for cleaning, as it can go easily in the dishwasher. Once you have cleaned it, just hang it back where it came from. Your pantry cabinet will be much more organized, and you will find the more obscure utensils you use only once in a while easily.

Lazy Susans

While talking about the rest of your cabinet, don’t forget the corners. The corners are where things go to be forgotten. The easy solution to this problem is adding a Lazy Susan. These spinning tabletop-like installations can hold plenty of things that will otherwise get lost or become inaccessible in the corners. Turn it around to get access to whatever you need when it’s time to cook.

IKEA Boxes

Have a bunch of IKEA boxes left from your last furniture installation? These stylish boxes have become an addition at every home, but it does not get used properly. They can be an excellent addition to your pantry. Cut a hole or a square on one side of your box and stack your food packages inside. You don’t even have to lift a lid, and it will stay organized entirely. Plus, if there is some spillable material like sauces or juice, it will also keep the mess inside the box, making for easy cleaning later.

Wicker Basket

This is the easiest way to give your pantry a chic and stylish look. And they are great for organization too. You can simply place your kitchen items on top of each other without worrying about falling on the floor or through the gaps in your pantry. You can buy them in different colors to color-code your pantry for better organization.

Clean Jars

If you don’t want to spend hours creating labels and marking every single box, it is time to invest in some clean jars. Mason Jars or other glass jars are incredibly cheap when you buy in bulk. They keep things airtight and fresh for a very long period. You can store pretty much anything inside them, from dry goods to fermentable veggies and fruits. They are also easy to clean and can go inside dishwashers safely.