Is The Mobile Industry Growing As Fast As Experts Suggest?

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As one of the most important technological developments of recent times, the mobile industry has changed everything. Mobile content has utterly transformed the way that we make our buying and selling habits work for us. In the past, we would see a product in store at a ‘take it or leave it’ price and need to take it. Now? You can join the 80% of people who open up their smartphone and take a look first. Who knows? You might find it even cheaper online!

This is according to Signal boosters, who have released an intriguing new infographic about the mobile industry. With over one third – 34% in total – of all retail eCommerce sales coming from the mobile sector, it’s so easy to see where change is going to come from.

Over the past year, for example, the mobile commerce sector has grown almost three times in size. In 2017, it was an industry worth around $700bn. Today? It’s worth over $2.86t. That growth, over 300% in size, shows you why so many people predict that the mobile commerce industry is here to stay – and shows no signs of slowing down.

Indeed, from Thanksgiving to December 1st, we can expect 37% of ALL US holiday retail sales to go through the system, this is all down to the consummate ease in which we can make an investment today. The internet has changed everything, and it has made sure that the mobile industry has left a similar impact.

It’s easily one of the biggest changes the commerce and retail sector is ever likely to undergo; an absolute transformation in the purest terms. If you ever wonder if the mobile industry is growing at the correct pace, now you know for sure – this growth is only the start.