Improve Customer Service by Adapting New Technologies

Exceptional customer service

Every business has dedicated customers, casual customers, irritating customers and those who know more about the product than the manufacturer. Despite such a variety, they all are important for the growth of the business and without them, any business can’t survive long. With increasing competition in every business, it has become important to maintain proper backend services to assist customers with proactive troubleshooting of their problems.

Due to such facts, one cannot deny that the customer services are vital for small, mid or big sized businesses. The quality of these services clearly justifies the enhancement or decline in the customer’s loyalty to a particular brand or business.

Those businesses which quickly respond to customer queries, complaints and questions and fulfill such needs, always gain a competitive advantage in the business. Latest technologies have been of greater help to major businesses. They have provided a jet speed response time in solving the customer issues progressively. That’s why it is important to understand, how technology is helping us in improving customer services.

There are significant areas where technology has helped organizations to improve their customer services.

24 x 7 Helpline Calls

Every single person is well aware of the 24×7 helpline service availed for the consumers. Nearly every service provider offers consumer helpline service to assist them in every possible way. The amazing thing is with a million of customers, every organization is able to attend more than thousands of calls in an hour and they also have to maintain the customer response time.

  • How Does It Work?

The 24×7 Helpline service helps the customers to clear their queries regarding any trouble from a specific product or service. This service is provided by every organization, where the team of executives helps customers by troubleshooting their issues.

These helpline services are also referred to as call centers where the customers interact with trained professionals regarding the issues. The telecommunication services, E-commerce business, Banking, Electronics, nearly every organization has to maintain an active 24 x 7 Helpline Call service to generate a good business. Factors like response time, effective assistance, empathy, explaining new policies, offline and online troubleshooting are points through which one can rank the different call helpline service.

Also, these calls are recorded for the quality services which is another great remark of better services.

Live Chat Process

There are times when you are unable to call the customers services, So what to do at that time? Then the Live Chat services can assist you in getting company assistance. The response time in the Live Chat Process is very quick and it is quite liked by the consumers.

  • How Does It Work?

Live Chat Process consists of the text conversation between the service provider and the consumer. Here, the consumer has to come live on the chat platform of a particular organization and query about the issues. The trained executives help the customers with effective troubleshooting within a less response time. Also, there most of the organizations have introduced mobile applications where the customers can easily visit the chat window.

FAQs for Promotional Products

When you are purchasing a promotional product or its the new launching, bundled of questions arise in the consumer’s mind. Despite attending the calls, the online questionnaire about that particular product helps in solving the consumer issues.

  • How Does It Work?

In this process, the organizations prepare a set of questionnaires regarding the newly launched products. Users can find them on the official website of the company. These questions are based on the consumer inquiries and with them are provided the suitable answers. On reading these questionnaires, any consumer can solve the issue with self-efforts without creating any mess with the product. This process is highly appreciated by the consumers. It helps them to learn more about the product usage.

Personalised Applications

Today every single user posses a smartphone or a tablet, which makes it important for the companies to develop mobile applications for their consumers. These applications help them to be connected with the new updates, troubleshooting and solving the consumer problems.

  • How Does It Work?

Users can easily download the mobile applications from different play stores and get connected with the brands. This helps them to know more about new updates, policies and knowing more about the brand. Today, even banks have their personalized applications for the consumer assistance.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

The Interactive Voice Response or IVR is the best example of Artificial intelligence. This system allows the computer to interact with humans and solve their queries. IVR is the best way to handle and channelize the calls with respect to the type of query.

  • How Does It Work?

IVR is a computer operated software which helps the consumers to interact with the computer. It directs the call to the specific department and allows to manage high density of calls. This system is one of the effective ways to solve the normal customer issues. For example, if you want to check the bill of your cellular connection, simply dial the helpline number of the service provider.

The IVR will greet you and offer you the details and any new promotional products and services. Later it will describe the route to solve your queries, like Press 2 to check your due amount. This way technology has made it quite simple to manage the customer queries.

Email Customer Service

You must have configured some auto-generated emails from banks and other organization at your email address. It is another interactive way to provide effective customer services to the clients. Companies often mail certain reminders, greetings to their customers. It is an easy way to interact and manage a huge list of customers in a single go.

  • How Does It Work?

Auto-generated Email service is a program managed by the IT department of every organization. It offers mails regarding notifications, knowing the customer reviews regarding their services and providing them with other important information.

In conclusion, the technology has remarkably improved the customer services of every organization. Now, the customer queries are solved in less time and are featured with the best possible support.