How to Use Money Safely When Overseas


Money is always a slight concern when you travel whether this is for a business trip or for pleasure. You will not want to carry around all of your cash with you but equally it can be risky to carry around a debit or credit card with access to all of your money. So, what is the best approach to take to money when you travel overseas?

Dangerous Travels

In today’s contactless generation, many people are travelling with their debit and credit cards because this can make it very easy to pay for things. This does bring a benefit but it would be a complete nightmare if you were to lose your card or have it stolen.

Unfortunately, criminals will target tourists and, although some places are safer than others, it can be risky to use your card during a trip overseas. Having a card lost or stolen could make the rest of your trip difficult to manage and it can take up to three weeks to have a replacement.

Using A Prepaid Card

It is for this reason why it is a smart idea to carry cash, but also you will not want to carry around huge amounts with you as this is dangerous and people often do not feel comfortable doing this. With this in mind, a smart solution is to use a prepaid card.

This is simply a card that you load with money from your current account and can then use while you are out and about. This way, if this card were to be lost or stolen you would not lose everything and you still have access to the rest of your money. This is a smart solution that allows you to enjoy your trip and provide financial guarantee so that you can travel with confidence.

Being Safe

It is then a matter of being smart with your money while you are overseas. You need to keep your wallet/purse on you and kept safe no matter where you are at all times and only get it out when needed. You need to keep your wits about you when in busy areas and tourist spots and make sure that you educate yourself on scams in the country that you are visiting before visiting. Hopefully, this will allow you to be sensible with your money while abroad and be able to enjoy your trip.

Money can be a big worry when heading abroad no matter the reason for the trip. You often hear of horror stories where people have their money stolen or lose their debit card which can ruin the trip and make life difficult for a while. You can avoid this by using a prepaid card for your time overseas so that you do not lose access to all your money in case anything were to happen.