Where to Begin When Looking for Pet Insurance


Pet insurance can save you money in the long run and possibly save the life of your pet. Make sure you do your due diligence when searching for the right provider.

Today’s market is oversaturated with different companies. With this wide variety of companies comes wildly different packages and payment structures. This makes finding the purrfect plan harder.

This is one reason we have chosen Pumpkin Insurance. Pumpkin insurance has easy-to-understand coverage plans and how much they cost. Figuring out what sort of coverage works best for you is the first step in having your pet covered. All companies offer different variations of coverage.

A Variety of Services That Keep Your Pet Healthy

Pumpkin offers several services each that most others exclude or charge an extra fee for.

Having your pet covered for dental issues is a big selling point. 70% to 80% of pets develop a dental problem within the first three years of life. Pumpkin covers dental issues.

Some animals require a special diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to kidney issues or even allergies. Pumpkin happily covers food that is prescribed to treat any covered conditions.

Pumpkin trusts your vets to make the best decision about the health of your pet. They cover any medicine that is prescribed for a covered condition. Others only approve medications that are specifically on their list.

Check for Other Company Exclusions

Some companies refuse to cover even the most basic accidental coverage needs based on the animal’s current health. If your pet has ever had a severe illness, they can be all denied coverage. While Pumpkin will not cover preexisting conditions, they will happily cover any new illnesses.

Parasites are real threats faced by your pets. Research has shown that all pets will experience a parasitic infection at some point in their life. These infections have the possibility to be fatal. Having your pet covered for parasite infections is a must. This is why Pumpkin gladly offers this.


Pet insurance for your furry friend works much like human insurance. You choose the amount of coverage you want and your deductible limits. The amount you pay depends on these limits. If you have lower deductibles and higher limits, your monthly payment will be more. If you are concerned about upfront costs, choose a large deductible and lower limit.

While most of the competition offers only 80% reimbursement, Pumpkin proudly pays 90% of your eligible vet bills. Some plans even have separate annual reimbursement limits for different treatments.

Pumpkin offers a discount for each additional pet that you sign up for. So the more pets you love, the more you save.

Pet Insurance Assures More Cuddles

All we want out of life is more time with those we love, and sometimes those we love are furry and fluffy and love kibble (let’s be real, they love us for the tuna, don’t they). There is nothing more honest than a pet’s loving gaze, and if there are ways to keep our pets happy and smiling, then most pet owners will go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

Pet insurance gives you that time. Preventative care has been proven to lengthen those happy years you get to spend together watching, or rather, chasing birds and taking cat naps. Don’t take these moments for granted. Begin your pet insurance journey today.

Pet Insurance Makes it Easy

In conclusion, there are many things to consider when looking into getting insurance for your pet or pets. Only you know what company offers the plan most suited to your needs.

Trust Pumpkin to be open and clear about all services covered. There are no loopholes in the plans offered. All details are proudly put up for all to see, and they welcome you to compare to other pet insurance policies.