How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

track someone's location with phone number

In today’s connected world, tracking someone’s location with just their phone number has become interesting, curious, and sometimes necessary. The capacity to track someone’s location significantly affects many areas of your life, whether it is for monitoring business operations, protecting the safety of loved ones, or locating a lost device.

The propagation of mobile phones with GPS technology and other technological advancements has made location tracking more widely available than in the past.

It might be hard and complicated to locate someone using their phone number. However, some acceptable methods and tools can be used with the right authority to find someone’s location. Stay here to learn about how to track someone’s location with a phone number.

What is Location Tracking?

Before looking into ways to find someone’s location, it is important to understand location tracking. With the help of satellite signals, the GPS technology found in most contemporary smartphones enables users to locate their precise location.

Cell tower geolocation is another method mobile networks use to determine a device’s position based on how close it is to neighbouring cell towers. Apps and services can use these technologies to find the location of a phone linked to a specific phone number.

Find Someone’s Location Using Tracking Apps

Using mobile tracking applications is one of the easiest ways to find where someone uses their phone number. These applications can be secretly installed on the intended device and are made to give smartphones real-time location data.

GPS tracking, position history, and geofencing are available in well-known tracking applications.

Installing a mobile tracking app on the intended device is the first step in using it. Make an account, open the app, and provide rights for location tracking. To see the target device’s location, access the app’s dashboard.

6 Best Apps to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

Today, we’re talking about the best apps to track someone’s location with just their phone number. Because let’s face it, who needs privacy when you have the power to stalk people?



Mspy is an excellent tool to keep tabs on someone’s location or get a list of the places they have visited recently. An excellent app for finding out someone’s phone location is

With 1.5 million users and ten years of experience in the field, this GPS location tracking app for phones offers precise results and is incredibly safe to use.

And customer service is excellent. In general, MSpy is an excellent option for parents who wish to keep an eye on their children’s mobile devices. Additionally, you may test out the service for free for seven days before deciding to subscribe.

To use, visit Mspy and enter your email address to create an account. Enter the target’s phone number to follow them. Track wherever they are in real-time.



Eyezy is a reliable phone tracking app that may also be used to locate someone. With software loaded on the target phone, it can assist you in finding a person.

In addition to its global reach, this user-friendly service is compatible with nearly all Android and iPhone OS versions, so you don’t need to be aware of the phone brand of your target.

Eyezy can assist you in tracking all sent and received text messages and keep tabs on your child’s social media activities across nearly all platforms. Subscriptions are also available for monitoring up to three individuals.

Enter your email address to establish an account on the Eyeze website to utilize it. Enter the phone number of the individual whose location you wish to trace and monitor in real time.


A simple yet effective tool for finding someone’s location by phone number is Don’t need to install any software, and its UI is simple to use. It can also track a location in real-time.

Enter the tracking phone number you want to use on the website, then click Find Location. Select the SMS message to be delivered to the recipient. A message with a link will be sent to the individual. You can view their present location on a map once they agree to share their phone number.



Another software that helps you locate your target device precisely is called Phonsee. The GPS location of a cell phone can be precisely determined with this tool. In addition, the tool facilitates the establishment of virtual boundaries on the map. This geofencing technology notifies you each time a target device enters or exits certain bounds.

Along with the data, you will receive precise positions and timestamps. The instrument functions with extreme delicacy. Parents who wish to monitor their child’s mobile phone usage at all times can use this tool. Basic phone surveillance can also be accomplished with this application. The app lets you do many things, such as read emails, keep track of calls, and access contact lists.



When you need to know someone’s precise location, spynger is handy. On your target device, the tool functions entirely undetected. It is familiar with a modern, user-friendly interface that allows you to track someone’s location remotely.

You may know particular persons location with coordinates and timestamps. You can use the application for several advantages, including location tracking. This covers social media spying, call tracking, and SMS.


You may use the phone tracker service to find anyone worldwide by simply entering their phone number. It was created to function with all operating systems. You do not need to be aware of the operating system they are using.

Regardless of where they are in the world, it aids in locating you. But remember that to locate a device, you must install this app on that particular device.

It provides a limitless supply of phone numbers and aids in location determination. It works with all phone types and allows you to find anyone by entering their number. Custom messages can be created without unlocking your device.

Key Considerations Before Choosing a Phone Tracking App

When choosing a phone location tracking app, think about if it works on your device, what features it has, and how easy it is to use. Make sure the app meets your needs and goals.

Privacy and Security Features

  • Data encryption
  • Permission settings
  • Compliance with regulations like GDPR

Accuracy and Reliability

  • GPS accuracy
  • Real-time tracking capabilities

Cost and Pricing Models

  • Subscription plans
  • Hidden costs to watch out for

Customer Support and Reviews

  • Availability of customer support
  • User reviews and ratings

Integration with Other Services

  • Compatibility with other apps and software
  • Additional functionalities like geofencing

Customization Options

  • Tailoring features to specific needs
  • Adjusting settings for individual preferences

Trial Period and Refund Policy

  • Availability of a free trial
  • Refund policy in case of dissatisfaction

Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • Compatibility with different operating systems
  • Access from various devices

Ease of Installation and Setup

  • Installation process
  • Configuration and setup steps

Battery Consumption

  • Impact on device battery life
  • Optimization for minimal battery drain

Hidden Tracking

  • Ethical considerations
  • Legal implications

Use Phone Tracing Websites

Likewise, phone tracing websites allow you to find the whereabouts of someone based just on their phone number.

These services usually ask for your phone number in order to track the device and utilize a variety of techniques to find its whereabouts.

While some systems provide free basic location tracking, others could charge a one-time fee or demand a membership to access more advanced features. If you want to utilize an online phone tracking service to locate someone, pick a trustworthy phone monitoring supplier.

Internet-based Services for Tracking Smartphones

However, due to internet phone tracking services, you may utilize phone numbers to locate someone. These services usually ask for the phone number you want to track and triangulate the device’s location using different methods.

While some systems provide free basic location tracking, others could charge a one-time fee or demand a membership in order to access more advanced features. To find out where someone is using an online phone tracing service, pick a trustworthy provider.

Enter the phone number of the target device. Follow the instructions provided by the service to initiate the tracking process. Access the location information provided by the service.

Enter the phone number of the intended device. Follow the instructions provided by the service to begin the tracking process. Gain access to the location data provided by the service.

Using IMEI Number

Mobile devices are identified by an IMEI, which is a unique 15-digit code. The location of a phone number can be determined by tracking the phone’s IMEI, or unique code. To use this method, you need to know the device’s IMEI. This information is usually located in the area or settings of your device.

After you obtain the IMEI number, an abundance of internet vendors offering tracking services. They can locate a device and display more information, such as the model and type of device, with the aid of its IMEI number.

Employ Social Media Software

You may utilize social networking apps to locate someone by utilizing their phone number. By looking up the phone number online, you may be able to find the user’s profile on one of the many social media platforms. After locating the user’s profile, you may try to figure out their location based on the posts and photographs they have uploaded.

Users can share their current location with friends and family using location-sharing methods found in many social networking apps. By launching the relevant app, you can see the current location of the person you are looking for if they have enabled location sharing on platforms.

This might not always be effective, though, as not all users will provide their location. On the other hand, finding them is simple and quick if they have provided their location. Using social media and messaging apps, one can utilize these methods to locate someone:

  • Go to the target user’s platform to open the app.
  • Find the person you want to follow by using their contact or profile information.
  • Verify whether they have enabled location sharing or have recently shared their whereabouts.
  • Use the app’s map interface to see where they are right now.

Bottom Line

Finally, the above-mentioned are about how to track someone’s location with phone number. A phone number can be helpful in locating lost mobile phone, keeping an eye on employee conduct, and guaranteeing the safety of loved ones, to name a few situations.

But it is important to use caution when tracking GPS, bearing in mind the moral and legal implications of security-related issues.

Why bother building trust and healthy relationships when you can just stalk people from the comfort of your own home using app? Happy tracking!