How to Spy on iPhone Online – Best iPhone Spy App


iPhone is the product of Apple and one of the most popular smartphones in the world right now with hundreds of millions of users. Being one of the most popular and most used smartphones in the World, it is not that easy to spy on an iPhone device in any terms but doesn’t mean that you can’t spy on an iPhone.

There are many phone monitoring companies working in the market offering phone spying services. Well, the question is that why would people want to spy on an iPhone device. There could be many reasons for spying on an iPhone smartphone like some parents want to monitor their children’s activities in order to keep an eye on them. Some companies make sure that their employees stay committed to their company so they can monitor their employee’s activities.

Now, our next concern is that what are these phone spying services and how they work in terms of spying an iPhone device. Choosing the right phone monitoring service is what matters most in terms of security, safety, and reliability. This is the most important decision that you have to take after doing proper research because there could be many companies that offer fraud or false claims nothing else.

All we have to do now is to find out which is the best phone spying company that can offer us the best phone surveillance services to spy on an iPhone device.

Spyic – The Best Spy App for iPhone

Spyic is a phone monitoring company that we all can trust and rely on to spy on iPhone. Using this phone monitoring solution, we can monitor any type of smartphone device without any kind of data loss or complications.

iphone spy spyic

Another best feature of this phone spying solution is that this spying service doesn’t require any kind of Jailbreak or Root process. Spyic makes sure that using this phone spying solution, users don’t get involved in any risky activities or operations that can cause their device to get damaged or lost data.

This phone spying service is offering dozens of fine and reliable spying features that are designed according to the user’s requirements. So let’s take a look at some brilliant phone spying features of Spyic.

  • Call Tracking –  It has loaded a call tracking feature that allows users to view the complete record of incoming and outgoing calls of a target device,
  • Message Tracking –  Allows people to read every message that has been sent or received by that phone. Support for reading deleted messages also provided.
  • Location Tracking –  Tracks device’s location and movements on the basis of GPS and WiFi to keep users updated from the target device’s location.
  • Stealth Mode – Spyic spying solution works in stealth mode in order to keep this service hidden from the device’s owner to stay undetectable.
  • Browser History – Using this feature, you can monitor the activities of the web browser on that target device. Activities include browsed web pages, saved bookmarks and other data.
  • SIM Tracking –  Users can view SIM data including network, IMEI number, and other details. Using this feature, users can also track the network-based location of that target device.

Besides these, there are many other spying features provided as well to assist customers in the best possible way. Using this spying service, users can spy on any third-party application like tracking Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages and access to t=other applications as well to provide full device monitoring control to the user.

Now let’s find out how can we use Spyic spying solution for spying an iPhone device without getting detected.

How to Spy on an iPhone using Spyic

Keeping the iPhone’s security in mind, most of the users don’t actually believe they can spy on an iPhone device. Spying on an iPhone is not that difficult or critical as many people think, so let’s check out simple steps that how can we spy on an iPhone smartphone device using Spyic spying solution.

Step 1

Open your web browser on your PC or any device. Go to the official website of Spyic and sign up for Spyic’s account by entering your email and password.

Step 2

spyic sign up

During Spyic’s account setup, you would be asked to enter the credentials of the iCloud account that is logged on that iPhone device that you want to spy on.

spyic verify icloud id guide

Step 3

After entering iCloud account credentials, you would be able to complete the Spyic account creation process. Congratulations, you have successfully managed to create a Spyic account. Now you can spy on that target iPhone device by logging on your Spyic account on any web browser using any device.

finish installation

Remember that Spyic is a web-based spying solution so it doesn’t ask you to install any app on your phone to spy on any target iPhone device. Before subscribing to Spyic service, you can try out the Demo version of Spyic spying solution by visiting the official website of Spyic. I hope that these steps would make it easy for you to spy on any iPhone device you want to target.

spyic dashboard


In conclusion, we can conclude that this is the best phone spying solution that everyone must try. Using this phone monitoring service, you can spy on both iPhone and Android devices without any Root or Jailbreak activity. This is the best phone surveillance for users to spy on any target iPhone device online without installing any app on their phone.