How to Pick the Best Sparkling Water

sparkling water

Sparkling water, flavored water, tonic water, seltzer, or water with electrolytes—call it whatever you like. Most of us drink sparkling water as much as we breathe air. We take it as constantly and without much thought.

Well, healthy hydration is cool and sparkling water is certainly having a moment. The bubbly water is increasingly becoming so trendy that the current market has become overcrowded with home soda makers. The best sodastream provides a healthy and fun way to heighten your daily water intake, and here’s how to pick the best sparkling water.

Watch Out For Carbohydrates & Sugar



There are certain so-called sparkling water drinks that contain added sweeteners like sugar and fruit juice. The best sparkling water should contain 0.0 grams of total carbohydrates and sugars. Always consider checking the nutrition label to confirm the total carbohydrates and sugars.

It is important to understand that drinks containing a lot of sugar or caffeine are likely to dehydrate your body over time. This is irrespective of the amount of water contained in it. Excess sugar or caffeine in such drinks can cause dizziness, headache, and increased blood pressure.

Confirm the Number of Calories



A real sparkling water drink must contain zero calories. So, make sure to check the label whether there are any calories loaded in the water.

And, if you notice the availability of calories, check the serving and calculate. Most canned drinks contain two or more servings, which add up to 250-400 calories.

Added Minerals, Vitamins or Fiber Should Not Fool You



Drinking a beverage with added minerals, vitamins or fiber is okay. However, you must take caution because some companies market these nutrients to make you think you are getting a healthy drink.

More often than not, companies include these nutrients to make you overlook other unhealthy portions of the drink—sugar. We all know that sugar does no favor to our body. Whenever possible, get your nutrients from such things as whole grains, fruits, healthy fats, vegetables, and lean protein.

Tasty & Bubbly



The best sparkling water often has a clean taste as well as noticeable bubbles—not flat. In the event the water is flavored, there should be a subtle essence of the flavor. And, the supposed flavor should not overwhelm the drink.

The water needs to still feel like real water. The sparkling water with appealing aesthetics gets the points and is ideal for those who enjoy a distinctive sparkle. A good drink starts out as regular water on your first sip but begins to fizz as it sits in your mouth.

Refreshing & Fairly Clean



The best sparkling water is fairly clean and refreshing, with a subtle and faintly salty mineral flavor. Choosing such a beverage should not be too complicated. But, you will find that some brands opt to get downright artisanal, with such ingredients as Himalayan sea salt rather than basic sodium bicarbonate.

When picking the best sparkling beverage, go for a brand with clean, slightly sweet, slightly sour, and refreshing flavor. It should have bubbles that pop and fizz for some time. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on quite inferior offerings that’ll end up disappointing your taste buds.