How To Get Apple Music Free Forever?

Apple Music

There is no single, smart device user who doesn’t know the world’s renowned brand APPLE. When it comes to Apple Music, it comes with a fantastic range of features that make it one of the youngest and most popular media streaming services.

Since its inception, it achieves record-breaking international popularity and success, where you can access entire music albums, lyrics, videos and even customized playlists just at a click. It means you can enjoy any music track of any artist, any genre, any language, anywhere in the world.

Besides a long list of features, still, people are undesirable to use this service after a point of time. The biggest reason behind such undesirability is the high subscription fees, which are around 10 USD per month, which might not be a justifiable price compared to its competitors.

Are you one of them and seeking a way to get Apple Music Free Forever? Then you’re at the perfect place. Here we’ll talk about different methods to get Apple Music Free Forever. All you have to read till its finish line!

Get Unrestricted Access of Free Trial of Apple Music

When you log in to the Apple Music account, the company provides your free trial for three months. It is a legal and official way to enjoy the uninterrupted Online Apple Music service, but it’s not for a lifetime. To get forever unlimited access to Apple Music for free, you have to perform the following steps.

  • The very first step is to register for iTunes with Apple Music Trial.
  • Now, open iTunes and select Music from the drop-down menu visible at the top of the device screen.
  • Search the option of “For You Menu” and toggle it. Once you click the opportunity, you will get a free Apple Music trial for a maximum of 3 months.
  • After this, you need to choose your preferable subscription types such as Family, College, Individual or Student.
  • Enter your Apple login Credentials in the dialogue box appearing on the screen.
  • Check the payment details, and here you are good to go for enjoying your unlimited Music listening for three months through the Apple Music service.
  • After three months, you need to opt for the mentioned trick to get Apple Music free forever.

Trick –

When you sign up for the first time, you will get a 3-months free trial, which means you have to opt for a music service subscription. Although after three months, you have to pay approx. 10 USD instantly for enjoying the uninterrupted service.

To reduce such charges, you have to cancel the subscription to the free trial before its expiry. For forever free Apple Music service, sign out from the current ID and sign in with a different Apple ID and payment mode.

After login, you have to repeat the entire process mentioned above. Moreover, you have to remember that you can try this trick on iOS devices such as iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone. Even, you can sign up on iTunes via your Mac or Apple Desktop.

Using Third-Party Software to get Apple Music Free Forever

Undoubtedly, the above method is an effective way to get a free version of Apple Music for a lifetime. But log out and log in from different Apple IDs can be a hassle and tedious task.

Moreover, even the paid subscribers need to face limitations while using Apple Music services. For instance, some users complained that they could not access the Apple Music services when travelling to countries like Asia or Africa.

But you need not panic, as various software developers have launched their music converter software that serves Apple Users to enjoy a free trial of Apple Music for a lifetime.

Following are the standard steps needed to use third-party software to get access to the service forever. The steps are:

  • Visit the official website or Apple store for downloading the software setup.
  • After downloading the setup, run it and install the application.
  • Now, follow the instruction appearing on the screen and set up an account with the application.
  • Import all the media files like songs and videos downloaded at the free trial time.
  • The next step is to select the preferable format from different formats such as MP3, MP4, and MKA for conversion.
  • Finally, start the conversion process.

Hurray, you are ready with your personalized playlist with lifetime access.

Every Apple user loves to experience the premium services offered by the brand. Everyone cannot afford and is unwilling to pay the high subscription fees for using such services after its subscription expires.

This article will get the two best possible methods to get Apple Music Free Forever without paying any single penny. Hopefully, it is going to let you enjoy your favorite Music for a lifetime.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!