How Team Building Activities Shape Employee Morale During the Pandemic


The world is steadily becoming a virtual space and the current pandemic situation has just accelerated the whole process. But despite this virtualization, work will never stop. In today’s age, work has shifted to a virtual landscape. But how do you work virtually, and effectively? Well, this is where corporate team building activities come into play.

For those who do not know, team building activities can take the shape of any day to day activity or fun exercise that involves team building. The overall goal of these activities is to strengthen the ties and increase the cohesion within the team. Most of these activities are hosted by the companies’ HR themselves.

However, a lot of the time, corporations prefer to call in people who specialize in hosting such events. There are a lot of reasons why people choose to hire professionals rather than hosting these events themselves. A few of them are:

  1. Greater professionalism
  2. Better coordination between organizers and participants
  3. Enhanced results

There are a number of other reasons why people choose to call in professionals for corporate team building activities.

But with that being said, what are the advantages of having these team building exercises? Well, let us find that out.

Why are team building exercises important?

Team building exercises are important for a lot of different reasons. For starters, they help separate the leaders from the rest. This is quite important for any corporation as a healthy mix of leaders and people who work well under supervision is needed for any project. Without the perfect blend, the chances of the project succeeding go down.

Apart from that, due to the current pandemic situation as well as the general trend these days, work has largely moved to the online space. So, a team has to learn how to work within the constraints placed on it. These restrictions can be in terms of both, time and space. This means team cohesion is essential.

So, not only do the team members need to learn how to save time and work from such different spaces, but they also will have to learn how to function as a team despite being geographically apart. And when you look at things like this, it becomes all the more clearer as to why corporate team building activities are necessary.

With that being said, who are the professionals you can call in to help you out with your team building activities? Well, we have a pick.

Who are Odyssey Teams?

For those who do not know, they are a group of enthusiastic people who organize corporate team building activities to enhance your team’s collaboration capabilities and encourage effective communication.  Odyssey Teams Inc team building activities can be availed in-person, as well as virtually.

Their well-researched team-building experiences can be customized as per your organization’s needs and are worth checking out. In case you are wondering about their services, these are some of the services currently being offered by Odyssey Teams Inc:

  1. Virtual Helping Hands
  2. Virtual Team Mosaic
  3. TeamTime Odyssey

There are many more excellent activities to motivate your remote workforce and boost productivity. We hope it is clear how focusing on some essential team building activities can shape your employee morale.