How Can You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Commuting to London?

reduce your carbon footprint

If you find yourself starting to commute to London once again after the pandemic, or if you have recently landed a new job in the capital, you might wonder how you can reduce your environmental impact while travelling. Many people have become eco-consiocus in recent times and the good news is that there are a few ways to make your commute greener.

The Importance of Green Commuting

There are around 542,000 people employed in the City of London with most of these having to commute in. Air pollution from traffic is a major issue in London despite the many great strides that have been made in recent times, including the London Low Emissions Zone. There is more that needs to be done and those commuting in can play their part to reduce carbon footprint in a number of different ways.

1Car Shares

If you do have to drive into the capital, you will find that car shares will be one of the greenest ways to do this. Starting a carpool at work or sharing with friends can reduce the number of cars that are on the roads and you could also split the cost of petrol to make savings too.

2Use Low-Emission Buses

Following on from this, low-emission buses will be another greener option than driving by yourself or getting an Uber and can help people to get to areas all over the capital. Getting the bus is greener and much cheaper, but keep in mind that journeys can be tricky and the schedule can be unreliable.

3Use Train & the Underground

The train and underground will be one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to commute to London. You can reach London by train from just about anywhere and then the superb underground network makes it relatively easy to reach just about anywhere, so this can be an easy and straightforward way to get around (just keep in mind that it will get busy around rush hour).


Obviously, walking and cycling are the greenest methods of transportation as well as free. Walking can be tiring and time-consuming, so it will depend on where you are working and cycling could be a good alternative if you have a longer distance to travel. Cycling in London during peak hours can be challenging and stressful, so you might want to travel at a quieter time if you are not particularly confident on two wheels.

These are a few of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling into the office and you might even be able to combine a few to find a convenient and green way of commuting. Everyone needs to do their part to reduce their environmental impact, especially when it comes to commuting into London as the city has a problem with air pollution despite the great strides that have been made in recent times.