Questions To Ask Before Hiring An HVAC Repair Company

commercial HVAC air conditioner

There’s a good chance that you’ll eventually need to hire the services of a company that offers HVAC repair. Even if you don’t anticipate needing to do that soon, these four questions can help you feel more informed as you choose which company to get for the job.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

HVAC licensing requirements vary by state, and that means you should never ask someone to help you out with an HVAC repair job unless you know they’re properly licensed. If you have any doubts about the person’s response to your licensing question, ask them to show you supporting evidence, or investigate things yourself by checking with the appropriate licensing body for your area.

Insurance is another necessity. That’s because you don’t want to be stuck with the liability and the bill if the person taking care of repairing your HVAC equipment gets injured while on your property. If the person has adequate insurance coverage, it protects you because the injured individual can file an insurance claim to get assistance with covering the resultant expenses.

Could You Give Me a Cost Estimate?

The expenses are typically a top-of-mind concern for a household that’s facing a necessary HVAC repair. As a starting point, it’s helpful to know some of the average costs for common repairs. Also, try to get estimates from more than one source before deciding to do business with a company. Then, it should be easier to determine if the provided rate is excessively high, or on par with what other entities charge.

Reputable companies should not balk if you ask for cost estimates. They’ll understand that you need to budget, and that the overall costs may come into play as you instruct them how to proceed. For example, if the HVAC pro says that the installation of a new air conditioner is a better option than attempting to repair the existing one, you’ll probably want to know the repair costs before you choose the make and model of air conditioner you prefer.

When Was Your Company Established?

Experience in the industry is another crucial thing to assess as you select a company to handle your HVAC repair needs. For example, a company with 20 years of experience would probably give you more peace of mind than an entity that has only been operating for six months. It’s also a good idea to ask whether the company has screening procedures in place to vet its prospective employees before bringing them on board. Typically, a company that cares about longevity and its reputation will subject candidates to checks before hiring them.

Does Your Work Include a Warranty?

Don’t forget to also ask about any applicable warranties, especially when you get new parts put on an HVAC system or opt for the installation of new equipment. Having the extra protection of a warranty is another aspect that can make you feel you’ve made the right hiring choice.

Hiring an HVAC company is not something to do in a rush. Taking your time with the task could help you enter into a fruitful business relationship with a dependable service person.