Google Data Studio – Beginner’s Guide to Visualize Data

Google Data Studio

Are you an online marketer? If yes, then most probably, you are introduced to Google Data Studio, a revolutionary data collection source. Here, you will get some details regarding reasons of using it, how to use it, and some tips.

In marketing, data is the key to success when it comes to prepare and implement a perfect marketing strategy. Gathering web data is not enough. The experts have to convert it into an understandable form for getting meaningful insights. It can be possible by following a complicated procedure. In today’s era, this process gets altered and delivers the insights & data properly with the use of Google Data Studio. Here, you will get complete information regarding Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio – An Overview

Google Data Studio appears like a boon for digital marketers. It minimizes a complex procedure of gathering data online and creating an easy to understand report. When it comes to pick a source for collecting the website’s data, then there are different types of options appear such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Bing Ads, YouTube Analytics, Google Ads, and so on.

It works by gathering data from all these sources perfectly and present a report. It means no one needs to deal with complicated and technical interfaces. Here, you can create and manage the reporting dashboard as you want.

Why Should You Choose Google Data Studio?

A marketer has to consider deep research and analytics for getting complete data regarding consumer behavior and competitors. It is useful in understanding the psychology of the target audience and creates a perfect marketing plan. With Google Data Studio, it can be done easily.

Integrated With Several Data Sources

To gather accurate and proper data, marketers are getting help from different types of sources. Google Data Studio is designed to get integrated with all sources perfectly. It means you don’t have to access all the sources separately for data collection. This one platform will connect you to all for achieving the desired objectives quickly.

Free Services

After hearing about all services, everyone thinks it will charge a big amount of money. The reality is different, its services and usage are completely free, and you don’t have to spend a single penny. Due to it, all digital marketers are considering its usage instead of choosing an alternative.

Prepare An Effective Dashboard

The users are capable of preparing the platform’s dashboard according to their requirements. Such a dashboard can help you in understanding the information easily as compared to consider data source direct. By using this particular dashboard, you can get the answer to all of your questions about business data and associated factors.


When it comes to access services of an online tool or source, then everyone is seeking for a user-friendly interface. It makes things easy to understand and avoid complications quickly. Here, you don’t have to spend lots of time only for understanding the tool and its functioning. The availability of user-friendly interfaces makes it easier for everyone.

Easy To Share

While working with a complete marketing team, then the team has to provide complete data to each and every member. Here, you have to share data perfectly and without a single error. You can share the company dashboard of Google Data Studio with anyone you want. Its sharing functions work similarly to the Google Drive files.

These are some major reasons by which you can easily understand the importance and benefits of accessing its services. Along with it, the biggest thing is, it is a Google product. You can consider it as the most trusted, reliable, and scalable sources.

How Does It Work?

For accessing its services, the interesting ones have to follow a specific procedure. It will be useful in preventing complexity and achieve the objectives quickly.

Sign In

Firstly, you have to sign in to the Google Data Studio platform. Here, you should try to use the Google Account that you are already using for the Google Analytics, Ads Account, and Search Console. After signing in the account, you can see an overview page of Data Studio. Now you should access the “Home” tab, and it will redirect you to the dashboard.

Explore Dashboard

You should try to explore the dashboard completely. It will help you in understanding its functioning and getting introduced to all types of features. In case you are familiar with the usage of Google Sheets, Docs, or Drive, then you find it easy to use and understand.

Create Your Report

After all these things, you can easily start creating reports quickly. For the report creation, you have to tap on the “+” button first. Here, a blank report will appear in front of you. In case you are interested in minimizing the time consumption, then you can access the templates for reports.

Choosing a pre-built template will help you in creating the report automatically and you don’t have to put effort. It depends on you, you want to build a report in your own way or by choosing one of the templates.

Integrate Your Website

To create a report, the Data Studio has to analyze the data sources. Here, you need to integrate such a platform with the website and related data sources. Along with it, you also have the option of uploading the complete data by putting manual efforts as well. While using the Google Data Studio, you can integrate it with 18 different data sources. It covers all the popular platforms.

You should choose the sources as per the requirements and tab on the “Add To Report” button. The users are capable of customizing the data or related categories as per their requirements.

Report Customization

At once the report is created by the automated features, after that, you can easily customize it and make lots of things better. You can change the title of the file, report theme, data, and some other elements. With it, you are able to add data from other sources in the same report as well.

Data Visualization

The most important reason for the usage of Google Data Studio is a data visualization that makes understanding easier. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand complete information direct from the data sources. For making the data report understandable, you can visualize it by adding –

  • Time series
  • Combo chars
  • Pie charts
  • Tables
  • Bullet charts
  • Geo maps
  • Pivot table
  • Scatter chart
  • Scorecard
  • Bar chart

With all these things, you can proceed with the addition of text, images, and shapes. After the selection of all these elements, all you need to do is drag and drop. There are not any kinds of limits regarding the addition of such things.

Share It

For providing information properly to others without any mistake, you have the option of sharing the dashboard directly. To share the complete data, you don’t need to do something different. The sharing process is similar to the Google Docs sharing procedure.

Tips For Using Google Data Studio

Goal Establishment

First of all, individuals have to be focused on the establishment of goals. While creating a specific report, everyone has to keep a particular objective in mind. It will help you in figuring out for determining what aspect you have to create a report.

As a result, you can easily avoid the collection of complete data that may become a reason for the hassle. Having an objective will alter the information and present the proper requirements only.

Date Range

When you are going to extract data, then you should not forget to apply date filters. Otherwise, you will get lots of data that may difficult to understand and handle. You should try to apply date range filters on the Google Data Studio by which you can get data of a specific time period. It is also useful in comparing two different periods like – data of January with February.

Addition Of Multiple Pages

While working on the report creation, you have to check out various factors like – differentiating the data on the basis of categories and all. For all these things, you can get help from different pages as well. Usage of different types of pages will assist you in making the report more user-friendly with ease.

For such a task, you don’t need to create another report. You can add multiple pages in the same report as much you want. With it, you will get lots of other editing and formatting features to sort out things.

Advanced Formulas

As we mentioned earlier, it is highly similar to the spreadsheet and document. While preparing a business report, the users have to consider some specific calculations for getting final results. Here, you can implement some advanced formulas that you may usually use in the excel sheets for reporting. It will be useful in creating a perfect report without using any complicated methods. All you have to do is focusing on the basics again.

Use Of Different Colors

In a report, you have to add different types of stats and data. For explaining all things perfectly, it is important to differentiate these factors properly. By using different color shades, you can highlight different types of elements with ease. It will help you in making things better and more understandable.

These are some basic tips. For understanding the usage of Google Data Studio perfectly, you can go through the tutorials or get assistance from marketing experts. In case you are going to hire an SEO or digital marketing agency, then you should make sure that they are aware of the usage of such a platform. It will help you in getting monthly or weekly reporting in an understandable way. Consequently, you can easily track down the progress of the project.