Getting Your Unhealthy Hair Back on Track – Keep Your Hair Healthy

healthy hair

Due to all the dyeing, ironing, blow-drying, curling and all other hair treatments, you have left your hair in a terrible condition. The last thing you want to restore your hair’s nourishment would be to cut your long beautiful mane.

Don’t plan on going to the salon just yet. If you think there really isn’t anything you can do to keep your hair healthy, run to your stylist to cut the damage away; let it be your ultimate last resort.

Repairing your unhealthy locks or trying to get your locks in the healthiest state possible isn’t a simple task. There are no overnight treatments to fix the damages and have it in its best and natural strands so you’ll have to remedy it constantly. You should follow below tips for getting your unhealthy hair back on track.

Step Away From Too Much Heat

Too much styling: blow drying, curling, straightening and the likes can make you feel like an A-list celebrity walking in a red carpet but it will do nothing but torture your hair follicles.

If you can avoid or completely skip your blow drying followed up by a straightening iron in your daily hair routine. If there’s not a chance you can really avoid it, make sure that you put on heat protectant on to shield your hair from too much heat. Also, put the blow dryer in the warm setting and hold it 5-6 inches away from your hair.

Take A Backseat on Dyeing

Today’s trend is constantly and fast-changing. Yesterday was the trend of pastel, granny and opal hair color; today goes the rainbow hair trend and who knows what’s next tomorrow.

Too much coloring can leave your hair severely and visibly damaged this applies most especially when you dye it yourself. If you put on layers and layers of color into your hair, chances are you’ll get your hair patched and the color will spread unevenly and it won’t hold on for long. To fix this, let your hair breathe. Skip the dyeing for a while and let your hair take a moment to recharge for your next treatment or for the reconditioning.

Massage Your Scalp

Most people tend to ignore the scalp especially when shampooing and applying conditioner. Your scalp requires equal attention and care as your actual strands.

If you’re having troubles on growing your hair, you might want to take on this exciting routine to achieve your healthy hair journey. Scalp massage can really boost and help hair growth. Accompany the massage with a hair oil and voila! Not only will it help grow your locks but is also great for a relaxing break from all the stress you’re under. Much like our skin, our scalps crave for massages and care as well.

Snip Them Off

Yes, it is stated previously to never cut your hair and only see it as your last resort. But then again, if nothing you do seems to be effective to achieve a healthy hair, snip the ends off and gladly observe the change whenever you run your fingers through your strands.

This may not help with your hair growth, however, trimming the split ends that cause breakage can make a drastic change and actually helps prevent the worsening of your hair condition.

Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet

Isn’t it irritating and annoying how hard and painful it is to brush through our hair while it’s wet? Not to mention the number of strands you get to break while in the process of brushing.

That’s because wet hair is extremely fragile and easily breaks. Your shaft and roots are more prone to breakage and damage when in the wet state. Also, being too rough on your hair when shampooing is where the breakage starts to be mindful of that. Refrain from brushing your hair while it’s wet and if you do want to get those streaks brushed, use a wide comb instead because a brush can be too harsh for your hair.

Use Coconut Oil For Dry Hair

Coconut oil works like wonder when applied regularly to your hair. It’s accessible, affordable and easy to apply. So you better take advantage of this as earlier as now.

Coconut oil is especially great for those with dry hair. Apply on the ends of your hair, where your split ends and frizz are, and leave it there. This will act as your moisturizer. You can also use coconut oil as a hair mask, mix it with a few dabs of honey and you’ll get better healthy hair from it.

Skip Washing Your Hair

This may seem unlikely to some of you but keeping your hair as it is and skipping the shower can really help nourish the health and growth of your hair.

Constantly washing your hair strips the natural grease and oil your hair produces away. As you may know, natural oil is healthy for your hair.

If you want to retain or regain a healthy hair, take note of these tips to achieve your hair goals. Have you got any more suggestions and tips to share? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!