Balance Your Flavors of Food with Perfect Wine

Flavors of Food with Perfect Wine

Two kinds of individuals exist when it comes to matching food and wine – the individuals who do proper research and come up with great combinations and those who just mix and match carelessly. If you belong to the first category of individuals, then you do not need to study this article any further.

However, if you belong to the second category of individual then, my friend you definitely need to go through this article so that you can have the perfect combination of food and wine at your disposal – whether you having dinner or lunch by yourself and family, or if you are entertaining guests. The combination of food and unique wine delivery online should complement each other and choice of the combination is extremely tricky. One can impress the guest easily by showing prudent action and choice of the combination.

Before we get started with the Wine gifts tips, there are 6 elements which you need to remember that will make the pairing of red and white wine work excellently. The elements and their workings are as follows:

Fat Element:

A large amount of everyone’s favorite foods which belong to bot dairy and meat products have immense fat content in them. However, wine does not have any fat content and thus, when wine needs to be matched with fatty foods, it is to be remembered that the fat needs to be balanced with the acid, or it can be cut with tannin or, the richness of fatty foods can be matched with alcohol. A prime example will be combining a prime steak cut with Cabernet-based wines. This would be a great treat to a tongue.

Acid Element:

Another major element which is present in food and wine. In wine, it provides an element of freshness, lifts, and nerve, and in the case of food, it does the same thing when a little bit of lemon is mixed with a fresh fish piece. If you are looking to combine an acidic dish with a wine, remember that the wine’s perceived acidity should be equal to the food or might taste washed out or bland.

Salt Element:

When it comes to salty foods, your choices of wine are limited. It might make some wines taste weird, or strip the taste of some wine completely. However, if you have a bit of imagination, you can have some great combinations of sweet wines and salty foods. One fine example it Sauternes and blue cheese. It is a very important factor and has to be judiciously taken into account.

Sweetness Element:

When you are matching sweet foods with wine, a cardinal thing which needs to be remembered is that there are various degrees of sweetness which exist. Some recipes will have a touch of sugar; some might have a lot. Higher alcohol content provides a sense of sweetness and balances the sugar content in most foods. A fine example is fruit sauce served with pork loin can be combined with rich white wines like a Chardonnay.

Bitterness Element:

The element of bitterness is typically avoided in all kind of food since it might make it taste unpleasant. In the case of wine, bitterness generally happens due to mismanaged barrels, or failing to get rid of the seeds and stems from the fermentation tank, or simply due to unripe grapes. Bitter food does not cancel out bitter wine – they just combine with another. It is also an important factor and has to be avoided if anyone does not like the bitter taste.

Texture Element:

In the case of textures, combine light and heavy. Light foods mix up perfectly with light wines, while heavy foods combine perfectly with heavy wines. These combinations are quite safe and work each time. A more experimental path is to mix light foods with heavy wine and the opposite. However, this might need some testing so that the light flavors are not overpowered by the heavy taste of the wine, and also to maintain the tension.

Here are a few great pairings of wine and food:

  • Duck Breast with Caramelized Apples and Red Burgundy
  • Apricots and lambs with Saint-Joseph
  • Tuna and Baguette Egg with Tavel Rose Wine
  • Bouillabaisse with Spanish Rose Wine
  • Spaghetti and Cockles and Greco Di Tufo
  • Pork Loin with Cider-Madeira Sauce and Pinot Blanc
  • Chicken Liver Pate and Non-Vintage Brut Rose Champagne.

So, these are a few tips for wine couple with Delicious cheesecake delivery that you need to remember while you are combining wine and food. If you have a great combination, then your food will perfectly complement your choice of fine. Just remember one critical rule of all – you need to rust your own palate and just enjoy combining and experimenting with wine and food. Happy Combining!