Five Creative Ways to generate Quality Backlinks


Link building and SEO go together like bread and butter. It plays a vital role in boosting the DA and ranking of the website. Quality content is the base of the SEO whereas quality backlinks are the backbone of successful SEO. Many may say that backlinking is a tiring task but it is more of a fun activity for me.

People who think link building is a tiring task are those who are not familiar with smart tricks and tips to do it. The problem with them is that they aren’t tweaking the old techniques. They are using them as they are. But all the SEO people need to realize that you just can’t stick to the same old techniques rather have to experiment with the new ones. This very reason motivated me to write this article. We are going to discuss seven simple, creative and clever link building techniques which can gain you high-quality backlinks without putting much effort.

We shortlisted these seven techniques after extensive research. We researched the strategies of successful bloggers and influencers to know exactly how they are creating high-quality backlinks. The following seven techniques we are going to discuss are commonly used techniques by every one of them. Let’s discuss them:

Guest Posting and Article Submissions

Guest posting and article submissions are the most common and simplest of all the techniques. You can reach out to high DA sites to get yourself a quality backlink. Almost every other blog and site provides the facility of guest posting and article submission. Some may charge a particular amount for it and some may not. It totally depends on the Webmaster. You can negotiate a do-follow or no-follow link with the webmaster. Do-follow or no-follow link both contribute to the SEO of your site. If your article gets published it is a win-win situation for you.

If you’re not familiar with the difference in the do-follow and no-follow link then let me explain it to you in the simplest way. The do-follow link provides you with link juice of the backlinking site whereas a no-follow is only a vote of confidence by a backlinking site. Both contribute to the credibility of the site and help you in reaching the top position of SERPs.

Citation Sites/Local Business Directories

Citation sites which are commonly known as local business directories are also an effective method to create backlinks. A survey by Brightlocals shows that marketers see a great value coming from directories which are not even providing them with link juice but just simple mentions and no-follow links. If no-follow links of local business directories are creating such a great impact. Imagine what do-follow links would do to the SEO of your site.

backlinks tactics

Google places great value in local business directories. Actually, major local directories have a significant impact on the local ranking signals recognized by Moz.

Broken Link building Technique

This is another major practice by most of the successful sites. Find loopholes like broken links to a website you want to create a backlink with. Those broken links can be on an anchor text embedded within an article or it can be a broken page of the website. All you have to do is identify those broken links and offer help to fix them.

Write a simple email to the webmaster. Here is a sample for you.

Hi [Name],

I’m following your blog for a long time and really like the content and writing style of technical writers. I was going through an article on your site “Best internet service providers in Las Vegas” and found a broken link over an anchor text “Cox Internet”. I have a similar article written. Would you like to use it? I’ll be waiting for your response.

Best Regards,


This particular method is beneficial for both. It would gain you a quality backlink and the site providing you backlink will have a broken page fixed.


Most of the people over the internet require instant information and don’t want to skim through long elaborated content. Infographics are the best for them because it has to the point and verified information. They involve more research and statistical data which can gain you a quality backlink without putting much effort. All you have to do is conduct thorough research, extract the useful data and form an interactive infographic with a catchy design.

In order to make your infographics naturally shareable, you can add the reference to famous bloggers in your niche. It will authenticate the content as well as will improve it with the SEO perspective.

Resource page Link building technique

If there’s any technique out there which can gain you high-quality backlinks than any other technique then resource page link-building is the one.

Resource pages are simple pages on a website which enlist all the helpful link and resources to a particular topic. All you have to do for resource page link building is simply getting your site included in that resource list. For example the resource page of Paolo, a food blog which is named as Paolo’s recipes. You have to enlist your food blog into that resource page’s list. And voila you have a quality backlink at your service.