6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Comfortable Shoes

A good pair of running shoes

The 6 suggestions below will serve as a helpful guide to your next shoe buy. When it comes to quality and selection, other aspects to consider are shoe size and width, ideal fit, skilled craftsmanship, and the use of high-quality materials for the upper, lining, and outsole.

What to Look for When Buying Comfortable Shoes

We at Oxygen online shoe store in Pakistan make sure to provide all the features in the shoe. For as long as possible, we want you to feel at ease in your shoes.

1Perfect Fit

Not the other way around, the comfortable shoes should conform to the shape of your feet. As a result, a new shoe should be the right length and width for your foot. The most crucial thing is that your toes have enough room (they move up to 0.5 cm due when walking). The heels, on the other hand, must be well supported. One of the benefits of having well-supported heels is that they are easier to walk in.

2High Expectations

Wherever possible, comfortable shoes should be constructed of soft leather and allow enough area for your feet in all three dimensions: height, width, and length. When a shoe rubs against your foot, you know it’s not the appropriate one for you. Do not be fooled by the old adage that “they will break in” or “they will broaden with time.” You should not buy a pair of shoes until they fit precisely right away. You owe it to yourself.

3Take Your Time

Check the inside of the comfortable shoes for any loose seams, bulges, or hardened regions that could be uncomfortable. To save money, many shoe manufacturers do not entirely line their shoes, leaving the lining in the part that is not visible, for example. Seams, bulges, and edges are exposed as a result. At Oxygen, we make it a point to always properly line and stitch our shoes.

4Flexible Shoe Sole

After you’ve determined the correct size and width, focus on the softness of the leather and the flexibility of the shoe sole. The ability to bend is referred to as flexibility. Many people confuse the softness of the interior cushioning with the flexibility of the sole. As a result, you should do the bending test. When you bend the shoe and the soles create a V, you know the shoes are extremely flexible.

5Keep The Balance b/w Heels & Flats

Another suggestion we’ve already made is to buy comfortable shoes that are as flat as feasible in terms of anatomical and orthopedic considerations. Because there is no inappropriate weight distribution at the arch of the foot or the metatarsal bones, the roll-through movement of the foot can only happen as naturally as possible in flat shoes.

We don’t want to ruin your fun, therefore wear high heels in moderation and just as long as your foot muscles are strengthened by foot workouts and mobility, indicating that your feet can bear the strain of the high heels. It’s critical to strike a balance between this type of footwear and more casual, comfy footwear. We have a huge variety of both, flats and heels shoes online.

6Trust In Manufacturer

It’s not just about the shoe’s craftsmanship; it’s also about the materials the maker employs and how the raw materials were handled, such as the tanning of the leather and the craftsmanship involved in making the shoe. Consumers are becoming more aware of the origins and long-term viability of their leather.

Faux leather has become so sophisticated in recent years that only professionals can identify the difference between it and genuine leather. With their good name, Turkish brand manufacturers such as Oxygen guarantee exceptional quality and adherence to all regulatory social and environmental norms.

We’ve been creating shoes, and only shoes, for years. Each of our shoes is unique. Our shoes are all finished with expert know-how, workmanship, and a personal touch.