Did you know that when you sleep on matters

sleeping pillow

While it may sound strange to hear that ‘what you sleep on matters,’  it is very true. The latest research strongly indicates that the size of mattress you sleep on at night directly affects the quality of sleep you get at night.  What’s more is that the latest data indicates that you get better sleep at night if you sleep on a larger sized mattress. Read more to learn what this mattress is.

When sleep matters go for the king

This refers to the largest mattress you can buy, the king size mattress.  The king size mattress dimension in inches reveals why.  Measuring in at 59 by 79 inches and length and width, this mattress is the soundest investment you could make to ensure that you sleep like a baby at night.

Its huge length and width sizes will ensure that you do not roll off of your bed at night, and that you are not cramped in like sardines. Both factors will keep you more comfortable, and being comfortable when sleeping is key to ‘sleeping like a baby.’  Also stretching out when you sleep is key to becoming comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on a king size mattress will allow you to do this.

Bed frames make all the difference

Since you are probably not placing your mattresses directly on the floor and then sleeping on them, you are likely using a bed frame.  You need to use a bed frame when you sleep because it helps support the mattresses which you sleep on and it gives them structure so that they can lie firm and make you feel comfortable.

Both factors are necessary if you want to sleep well at night. You want to use a metal bed frames king size if you are sleeping on a king size mattress because this is the bed frame which will adequately support your mattress when you sleep at night.

The decor of your room matters when you want to sleep well

Sleeping on a comfortable and roomy mattress is only part of the equation when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.  The decorations and aesthetics of your room matters as well. You can have an attractive room to sleep in at night by putting a neutral colored rug for living room in your bedroom.

While this may seem like a strange thing to do at first, it is really not because it will provide the perfect backdrop by adding a neutral splash of color to your room – this color scheme will be in the background.  Since neutral colors help you sleep better, you are bound to sleep better at night.

You want to choose a larger rug because its size will contribute a large enough backdrop whose color scheme will illuminate your entire room.  You will sleep better at night as a result

Now that you know

Now that you know that the size of mattress, the size of the bed frame, and the color scheme of the throw rug which you use in your bedroom will directly influence the amount and quality of sleep you get each night, it is time to do a slight makeover to your room.  These three elements will also make your room prettier and homier. So this is an added benefit!