Employment Essentials – A Simplified Guide to Growing Your Team


As a business owner, you will know that your employees are the key to the success of your business. Hiring staff is just step one, and ensuring that your employees are constantly growing, learning and adapting to various challenges is something that every business, small or large, should focus on.

The truth of the matter is that an effective and highly motivated team is a team that will never let you down. In this article, we look at some simple steps any business owner can take to grow their team, so read on to find out more.

Keep Your Employees Happy

It is no surprise that step one in growing your team involves keeping them happy and satisfied with their jobs. After all, an employee that feels appreciated and well taken care of is going to have a better work ethic, attitude and overall level of productivity. Some ways in which you can ensure that everyone is satisfied with their jobs is to look into small things such as getting everyone paid on time each month. You can do this by utilising tools such as single touch payroll, or automated accounting systems that ensure everyone gets their salary on time.

Other ways of keeping everyone in high spirits are to schedule monthly breakfast meetings with the team where everyone can unwind and share any concerns they may have, or even plan group activities for everyone to participate a few times throughout the year. It’s the small things that count – you’ll be surprised at how much more effective a team can be when everyone has a smile on their face.

Set Team Goals

Another way to grow your team is to set some team goals that created a shared objective which ties in with your business goals. Setting goals gives your team an idea of what everyone is working towards, what they need to do to accomplish these goals and where their priorities should lie.

Your team will also have to work together to achieve these goals, allowing them to autonomously make decisions that are in line with your overall business goals. Shared purpose amongst employees is a fantastic way to grow your team and strengthen their sense of “us” in the workplace.

Define Roles and Responsibilities

There is nothing worse than a team that has no idea when it comes to who is in charge of what. In order to avoid chaos, it is important that you define everyone’s roles and their responsibilities in the business. Ensure that everyone is aware of what they are in charge of, as well as how all their roles work together.

Each team member’s responsibilities connect to one another, meaning that everyone has a part to play in the success of the business. Help your team understand that even one person not doing their job efficiently could negatively affect the overall workflow. This should, in turn, encourage everyone to work on their own tasks in order to come together harmoniously at the end of the day.

Team Building Activities Are Key

When it comes to growing your team, team building activities are one of the best ways of doing so. Doing fun activities together can cultivate a stronger sense of alliance between employees and assist them in forming better work relationships with one another.

Activities can aid in building communication skills, trust and overall team efficiency levels. Team building activities can be as simple as everyone heading out for a few drinks after the day ends, movie nights together or even trivia nights where everyone can let their hair down and have a little fun.

Regardless of what activities you choose, you’ll be sure that everyone will have a great time, learn more about one another and thus work together more congenially as a team in the long run.

Celebrate Success

Last but not least, show your team how much you value them by celebrating their successes. Recognise their efforts and reward them accordingly. However you choose to recognise their efforts, always make sure that you are genuine in showing your thanks and appreciation for their hard work.

Another fantastic way to keep the team motivated is to offer perks and prizes for anyone who performs excellently. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and can truly do wonders for overall productivity levels in your workplace.

We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into how you can go about growing your team in the workplace.