Top 5 Reasons to Maintain a Hygienic Workplace

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Sharing an office with other people can become frustrating if they do not consider the needs of the others in that space. Cups left unwashed in the sink, bins overflowing and unemptied, and drink rings and other detritus left on desks – just some signs of a poorly cleaned office. Here are five reasons to encourage a hygienic workplace.

Maintenance made easy

Regularly cleaning in out of the way corners – behind furniture, under desks and in rarely used offices – can mean that any issues such as fraying wires, damp spots or leaks and even structural problems like cracks or deteriorating plasterwork are quickly brought to the attention of management who can then arrange a timely repair. It may seem incredible to think that vacuuming the whole floor once or twice a week could save you money – but it is true! Having the right cleaning supplies can encourage regular cleaning.

Get the best

Good looking, smart premises will encourage the best candidates to apply to work with you. People who are aware of their own worth will have no hesitation in judging any new job offers on a host of factors, one of which will be the cleanliness of their workspace and the hygiene habits of their co-workers. No one wants to work in a dirty or dusty, unpleasant smelling and looking office – and excellent candidates will turn down your job offer without blinking if they do not think the job will live up to their high expectations.

Inviting for customers

A welcoming reception area that smells fresh and clean is inviting for customers who create a positive first impression of the company before they have even spoken to anyone. Surfaces should be free of dust, cushions and upholstery should be spritzed with fabric freshener and any stains should be removed or covered – or the stained item discarded or moved somewhere out of sight of the public. Any area that is seen by the public should be cleaned at least once a day and more often if needed, personal workplaces should not be left longer than two days – and then only if they are hardly used. Working in a dirty, unhygienic place is poor for staff morale which will also have a negative impact on customer experience.

Safety hazard

If there is no fixed cleaning schedule for a workplace, rubbish bags and empty cardboard boxes can be piled up in passageways, near doorways, and – most worryingly – near fire exits. In the event of a fire, these can not only catch fire and block the exit, they can become trip hazards should the room be filled with smoke, obscuring worker’s vision – tripping over a full bin-bag and hitting one’s head on the wall (as a rather extreme example) is not a safe way to escape from a workplace blaze…

Your very good health

Good hygiene is vital for illness prevention in any workspace, but especially in a small office. Dust accumulates stealthily, and mould grows readily anywhere that it finds a foot-hold. The only way these can be managed is with regular cleaning, preferably undertaken with good quality cleaning supplies. If they are not well managed, then respiratory illnesses can sweep through the whole office in a surprisingly short time. Not only should dust and mould be scrubbed away before it can take hold, but surfaces, phones, keyboards and even door handles should all be disinfected to quickly eradicate any germs that might have been brought into the office.

With a good cleaning schedule in place, staff absence can be reduced, while staff morale and customer confidence are boosted. And you will have a beautiful and welcoming place in which to work, triple win!