4 Elements That are Still Relevant to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing

Few aspects of doing business online remain the same for decades. Even so, there are some traditional elements that should remain part of your digital marketing strategy. While the approach may need to be updated, you can depend on the team at Onecore Media digital marketing company in Toronto to help you understand how these elements fit into your online effort today.

Web Design

It’s true that social media is used increasingly in place of websites these days. That’s especially true for smaller businesses. Even so, there is value to continuing to operate a website. What’s changed is how you go about structuring the site.

These days, it makes sense to create pages that load easily and look great on smaller screens. That’s because more people every year are using their smartphones to conduct browser searches. If one or more of your pages come up at the top of those results, you want those consumers to click on the page and have it load immediately. That increases the odds that they will stay on long enough to buy something or to visit your brick and mortar location rather than go elsewhere.

Remember that viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware are more of a threat than ever before. As part of the page designs, it makes sense to incorporate fail-safes that make hacking more difficult. A professional can help you come up with the right resources to protect each page and the site in general.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising has been declared obsolete more times than most people think. In fact, this does remain a viable way of redirecting traffic to your website. It can also be used to direct consumers to sites where you’re currently selling products, including pages on an auction site. Along the way, you might even earn a little revenue from the clicks.

The key to success with PPC advertising is ad placement. Simply put, the ads have to appear on the right sites. If they are relevant to the content found on that page, there’s more of a chance that readers will click on the links or the ads and take a look at what you’re offering.

Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s true that text marketing is increasingly popular and with good reason. People have their phones with them most of the day. Texts are something they will glance at quickly. By contrast, they may take more time to check their incoming emails.

Even so, email marketing campaigns are still effective. They work well for providing more information in a single mailing. If your targeted consumer demographics are more likely to appreciate email contacts, do make use of this approach. Remember that you can always build on the content used in text marketing to create your email campaign.

Updating Older Content

Do you have content on your website or on a blog that used to get quite a bit of attention but now gets very little? It’s time to update things a bit. Perhaps older facts and figures need to be replaced with new information. Maybe the keywords that once drove people to the pages are no longer popular; update them. Even the way you used keywords in the past may not be all that popular with today’s search engine algorithms. That type of change may be all it takes for  your content to start receiving more traffic again.

What would help improve your online presence? Contact a digital marketing expert and go over what you already have in place. With a little work here and there, you could begin to attract more favorable attention from the major search engines and see a definite increase in traffic.