6 Rules for Effective Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing

E-commerce companies have undergone a revolution since the early days of online retailing. This revolution has happened from the grassroots as brands have realized the power of content marketing. By utilizing content marketing, retail brands can market themselves because the clients only engage with the content that is important.

Running an e-commerce website is no small feat. There is new competition every day, and the big sites that offer nearly the same products as you do are constantly on your territory trying to win your customers. However, smart e-commerce retailers have realized the secret to selling more; engaging more with clients. And how do they connect with their clients? They can engage with users by using SEO tactics or content marketing strategy.

SEO can be simple, but when we talk about content marketing to create your online presence, it can be very difficult. To get more traffic and more page views you need to create quality back links for your website and web pages. For that, you should identify the right influencers, follow them and talk to the appropriate ways to promote your content. You have to do it on a daily basis, for your finished content.

SEOBUDDY is the perfect place to manage your outreach, which will help you manage the connections of your influencers and improve your online reputation. SEOBUDDY makes your content marketing campaign more effective through its impressive database. You need to add your content, infographic or e-book to your dashboard, then search the best online opportunities for your content marketing campaign.

When you close more deals, you can check your back link campaign from your control panel, so that you can easily monitor all responses from influential people. Everything is focused and streamlined, which lets you move forward in your SEO strategy.

What is content marketing?

Simply put, this is creating, circulating and promoting your content. This content comes in various forms such as articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts all with the objective of attracting, engaging, and keeping clients. For the e-commerce marketer, content can become your best friend and raise your conversion rate more than thrice its initial count. It is a way in which the marketer can engage shoppers and learn of ways to better their performance and serve their customers.

Why does your brand need a content marketing strategy?

As the popular saying goes, numbers don’t lie. Research findings time and again prove the power that content marketing has over traditional marketing practices. Here are a few facts from Demand Metric:

  • Content marketing produces nearly as much as three times as many actionable leads as traditional marketing do.
  • Content marketing is 62% cheaper than conventional marketing.
  • 82% of the surveyed said they form a better opinion of the company in question after reading/watching some custom content.
  • As much as 70% stated that they felt more connected to a brand as a result of good content.
  • As much as 70% of users said they preferred to learn about brands through content marketing than advertisements.

These figures are hard to ignore. It clearly shows that content marketing is superior to traditional marketing and as such, rakes in more money for a brand. By following these tips, you will be able to create content that will help your business to grow.

1 Research is your friend

Market research is the cornerstone for any marketer. This is because market research helps a marketer gauge his audience and see what they like. And anticipate their needs.

Performing keyword research on multiple tools is also an established way to know what people are searching for and use that information to provide them with answers. Keyword research can assist you to know which questions search engines get frequently. If used properly, this can be our key to success.

Once you find out what people like, you can then create content around the topics.

2Use videos wherever possible

The video is continuing to dominate e-commerce content as never before. This is largely attributed to millennials love for videos over traditional methods of marketing. What makes the video so great is the potential to personalize it while still getting the message across the audience.

A recent survey has shown that 74% of millennials prefer YouTube over the traditional television. This makes them a direct target for videos created by brands, institutions or companies. Videos are also attractive because they are very relatable. If it is a review video, the potential customer gets to see the products at work and if they are impressed, you can definitely count it as a win.

3Use list based content

Ever since people started creating content for marketing, list-based content has been a favorite for many people. List based content is great because it’s easy to understand and is also great for sharing. List based content also has its advantages for the e-commerce retailer who isn’t so good at writing. When you choose a good topic, creating the content is as simple as ever.

4Answering your FAQs in a creative way

Every e-commerce website has an FAQ section where the brand seeks to answer many of the questions that are frequently asked either by customers or potential ones. Since when most people have questions, they come to this page, it is imperative that you get a witty creative way to spice up your answers a little bit.

Since FAQs are so important, you shouldn’t be afraid to go a little off the book with them. Make your answers as awesome and relatable as possible. This not only helps in catching and retaining the client’s attention, it also helps in terms of rank in search engines.

5Using content with great photos

When anyone wants to buy anything from an online shop, they first look at the pictures provided by the retailer. If the pictures don’t have good content, then you can be guaranteed that the client will not buy the product.

Pictures speak a thousand words. This is why brands should always strive to use great photos with any of their content. Whether it is in articles, blog posts, or on social media, make sure that the pictures you use are the best you can find.

6Buyer guides

This has recently become one of the most popular types of content marketing. Buyers want as much information on a product before they purchase it. As such, creating content around such products to help the buyer decide on which product to buy can be a great way to market yourself.

Surveys have shown that potential customers like content that compares and contrasts two products of the same class. These reviews make it easier for a potential client to reach a decision regarding a certain product. Not only does this help you generate more leads, the comments and questions left on the content also help the retailer to rank better on search engines.


E-commerce retailers have a lot of possibilities with respect to content marketing. When you are creating content to market your products, you should always know the demographic you’re targeting, the buyer’s personas and how they have taken such content previously. By creating great content for your e-commerce site, you are able to build a relationship of trust and reliability with your audience and influencers. When you utilize these methods outlined above, you will not only drive traffic to your website but also increase your conversion.